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Article ID: 131702, created on Oct 31, 2017, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0


An old Windows service node is not picked for provisioning via WPE after MPS decommissioning.

A related task (e.g. Create MSSQL database) fails with the output:

Provisioning request failed. A specified class is not registered in the registration database. Also can indicate that the type of server you requested in the CLSCTX enumeration is not registered or the values for the server types in the registry are corrupt.
The possible reason can be: MPF Client not registered as DCOM server. Please install POA Agent on failed node., Unable to find any suitable MPF client nodes

core.log of the task run shows an attempt to find MPS:

Oct 24 20:57:05 osscore : DBG [task:9328056:206557 1:49248:f42eab70 lib 870231338]: [ MPS_sc_impl::getActiveMPSHostId] {module_id="MPS"; code="1"} There is no active MPS server found.
Oct 24 20:57:05 osscore : DBG [task:9328056:206557 1:49248:f42eab70 MPS 870231338]: [ MPS_sc_impl::getActiveMPSHostId] <=== EXIT (by exception) [0.003258]

and further attempt to send a HCL request to the node that fails:

Oct 24 20:57:05 osscore : DBG [task:9328056:206557 1:49694:f47edb70 lib ]: [ InteractiveHostOps::perform] ===> ENTRY
Oct 24 20:57:05 osscore : DBG [task:9328056:206557 1:47921:f21dab70 chief 870231338]: [ Host_impl::processHostOps] ===> ENTRY
Oct 24 20:57:05 osscore : DBG [task:9328056:206557 1:47921:f21dab70 lib 870231338]: [ SDK::Platform::performHCL] ===> ENTRY
core : DBG [task:9328056:206557 1:47921:f21dab70 lib 870231338]: [ SDK::Platform::performHCL] <=== EXIT (by exception) [0.014128]

As a result, the host is unmanageable in OA and, for example, Retrieve disk usage tasks for such hosts may fail with the error:

Host #XX does not exist

As an additional symtom, OA Agent cannot be reinstalled on such node. After it is removed, a new installation fails with:

MSI (s) (E4!24) [18:13:28:560]: Product: Operations Automation Agent -- POA Error: Registration host error.
(ExSystem) errcode = 7
Host '' already exists.: RET_FAILURE_EX_SYSTEM.


The node was registered long ago, when all nodes had the same 'Hardware nodes' type, but after 'Windows Shared Hosting' module appeared, Windows nodes should have a 'Windows node' type.


Contact Odin Technical Support to resolve the situation.

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