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Task Provisioning "Panel_6_1" for APS application Plesk in VPS Panel fails with the output:

APS Application Error:
500 Internal Server Error
[Pvps::App::Panel::Exception::RuntimeException] Application returned error with an empty message.

Body: {
"code": 500,
"error": "Pvps::App::Panel::Exception::RuntimeException",
"message": null,
"#0 C:\\Program Files\\APS\\f9c2096c-d82b-41e3-b5d6-117e3c4d52ef\\scripts\\PanelAbstract.php(239): PanelAbstract->_run()",
"#1 [internal function]: PanelAbstract->provisionAsync()",
"#2 C:\\Program Files\\APS\\f9c2096c-d82b-41e3-b5d6-117e3c4d52ef\\vendors\\aps-php-runtime\\aps\\2\\rest.php(1074): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)",
"#3 C:\\Program Files\\APS\\f9c2096c-d82b-41e3-b5d6-117e3c4d52ef\\vendors\\aps-php-runtime\\aps\\2\\runtime.php(340): Rest\\RestService->handle()",
"#4 C:\\Program Files\\APS\\f9c2096c-d82b-41e3-b5d6-117e3c4d52ef\\vendors\\aps-php-runtime\\aps\\2\\runtime.php(389): APS\\Loader->handleHttpRequest()",
"#5 C:\\Program Files\\APS\\f9c2096c-d82b-41e3-b5d6-117e3c4d52ef\\vendors\\aps-php-runtime\\aps\\2\\runtime.php(401): APS\\Loader->process()",
"#6 [internal function]: APS\\Loader->__destruct()",
"#7 {main}"
"packageId": "fc91589e-4e9c-4ac8-b230-25cb03de3199",
"message": "Application returned error with an empty message",
"http_request": "POST /vps/api/environments/c95fb478-d7ba-42c8-941b-e6f34a8385be/application/proxy/panels"

The following error is registered in the log file pvps-panel.log at the directory C:\Program Files\APS\<uuid>\var\log>:

[Sep,17 07:31:36][BMU_1505633486][ERR][provisionAsync]: Provision state execution failed
exception: exception 'Pvps\System\Util\Exception\RuntimeException' with message 'Unable to initialize Plesk. The running of command (cmd /c ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Plesk\\bin\init_conf"  --init  -hostname "" -send_tech_announce "true" -send_announce "false" -company "My Company" -name "John" -phone "555-121212" -email "" -address "Street, 1" -country "US" -zip "12345" -state "WA" -passwd """) returns 1 instead of 0. Command STDERR: Cannot initialize Plesk: Wrong syntax for command's '-passwd' parameter. Unable to validate password policy: Unable to execute usermng: plesk_exec_with_response("C:\Program Files (x86)\Plesk\admin\bin\usermng" --validate-password-policy "--login=admin" "--password=******) failed: Unable to execute plesk_exec_with_response: Unable to logon user (Example\Plesk Administrator): (1787) The security database on the server does not contain a computer account for this workstation trust position.<br>   at LogonUser(Example\Plesk Administrator)(CClientProfile::logon line 146)<br>   at Plesk impersonation(PipeServer::ServerThread::impersonateWithoutProfile line 786)<br>   at (zif_plesk_exec_with_response line 1140)

Note the most important part of the error:

 Unable to logon user (Example\Plesk Administrator):
 (1787) The security database on the server does not contain a computer account for this workstation trust position.<br>


Windows Server running on the affected VPS was promoted to the AD Domain Controller role:

C:\>wmic computersystem get DNSHostName,Domain,DomainRole,Name,PartOfDomain

wmic computersystem get DNSHostName,Domain,DomainRole,Name,PartOfDomain

DNSHostName    Domain          DomainRole  Name           PartOfDomain
srv-1000123-1  Example.local   5           SRV-1000123-1  TRUE

Here DomainRole 5 means primary domain controller, please see MSDN for details.

As a result, the user Plesk Administrator cannot logon.


It is not recommended to install Plesk on domain controllers or even on domain members, due to multiple possible issues, such as AD group policies, trust relationships and changes made with local users and groups.

See also Plesk for Windows requirements:

"Before installing Plesk for Windows, back up all your server data and make sure that the following requirements are met:
  - Your server is not working as a Windows Domain Controller (neither primary nor backup). If this requirement is not fulfilled, a system crash may occur during the creation of domains with certain names. "

It is recommended to cancel the failed task and recreate the VPS with clean OS. After that retry installing Plesk on a workgroup member.

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