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A task to restore an NG webspace fails after running for several hours with the following error:

Internal error: std::bad_alloc

The webspace contains a huge amount of files (~ more than 300 000).


The behavior is planned to be improved in scope of internal request POA-79137 (pleskd fails to restore webspace in case there are about 300 000 files).


  1. Stop OA Agent service on the web server node:

    Since OA 7.0:

    # service pa-agent stop

    Before OA 7.0:

    # service pem stop
  2. Cancel the task.
  3. Find the Agent Log message from the start time of the task and find the exact location of the backup archive:

    Jul 31 07:21:47.935 : DBG [task:19847817:70520 11068:686512:b07feb70 lib ]: [ HCL::HCLProcessor::process] Processing RESTORE(ctri="CTRI: VE_ID:0 HOST:112", tarname="/backups/backup_data-2122.tar"):
    Jul 31 07:21:47.959 : DBG [task:19847817:70520 11068:686512:b07feb70 pleskd ]: [ do_restore] Send delegated request
  4. Copy the archive from the backup node ( from the log messages above):

    # scp /backups/backup_data-2122.tar root@
  5. Hint: in case the size of free RAM is much larger than the size of the backup archive, it is possible to put the file directly into RAM space to increase the restore time greatly:

    # mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt
    # mv /tmp/backup_data-2122.tar /mnt
  6. Restore the archive (run it in screen to avoid accidental interruption):

    # tar xf /mnt/backup_date-2122.tar -C /

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