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Article ID: 131170, created on Jul 21, 2017, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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After a fresh deployment of a Branding node, accessing CP over branded domain name does not work. At the same time, the access is possible over the UI server on the Management Node itself.

netstat on the Branding node shows connections on port 6308 residing in SYN_SENT state:

java    25998 jboss  623u     IPv4            5109264       0t0      TCP> (SYN_SENT)

The Management Node is configured with two backnet IP addresses, and there is a strict firewall between Branding and MN host that doesn't allow communication over one of them ( in this example).

A different IP address was used as the backnet IP, so it is not expected that APS Controller uses a different IP address.


In case OA Management Node is registered with several backnet IPs, APS Controller by default takes the first shared IP address and uses it for connections. In case the IP address is blocked between MN and Branding.


Download the script and run it on the Management Node as:

# python

5356b422f65bdad1c3e9edca5d74a1ae caea8340e2d186a540518d08602aa065 e12cea1d47a3125d335d68e6d4e15e07

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