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Article ID: 131091, created on Jul 1, 2017, last review on Jul 1, 2017

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0


OA Management Node is being migrated to RHEL 6.

PPM packages reinstallation fails with error like:

2017-07-01 08:12:42.277  WARN Package 'PBAHostRole' failed to re-install due to error: ['/usr/local/pem/bin/ppm_ctl', '-f', '/usr/local/pem/etc/pleskd.props', '-b', '-q', 'reinstall', '1', '1684'] exited with non-zero status 1, stderr: None, stdout: None
Ignore this package and continue migration?

Manual execution the command from error leads to a CORBA/MARSHAL error:

# /usr/local/pem/bin/ppm_ctl -f /usr/local/pem/etc/pleskd.props -b reinstall 1 1684
 package 4069 other-i686-RHEL-6-PBAHostRole-
ERROR [ xinstallPackage] system exception, ID ''
Unknown vendor minor code id (0), minor code = 0, completed = NO


Several RPM packages, marked as dependencies for PPM are not installed on a new host.


  1. In /var/log/poa.log find missing dependencies:

    Jul  1 08:12:57 : ERR [0:29022:b5270740:7 0:27672:b4b28740 lib 1088724900]: [ pleskd_impl::processHostOps] ExSystem: module_id:'NativeDepends', ex_type_id:'1',Message:'Native dependency processing failed; list of dependences: python-paramiko :nmap.  Please either install the packages above, or application templates with them. 
    package nmap is not installed
    package python-paramiko is not installed
  2. Install packages:

    # yum install nmap python-paramiko
  3. Reinstall PPM package:

    # /usr/local/pem/bin/ppm_ctl -f /usr/local/pem/etc/pleskd.props -b reinstall 1 1684
    package 4069 other-i686-RHEL-6-PBAHostRole-
  4. In the migration script use the Ignore option to continue migration.

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