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Article ID: 131049, created on Jun 25, 2017, last review on Aug 4, 2017

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On attempt to delete an Exchange mailbox customer is getting "0 mailboxes scheduled for deletion." message instead of desired result or on attempt to add an exchange mailbox customer is getting a blank screen.

core.log error message:

REST Error: DELETE /aps/2/application/mail-mailbox/1eb85d9c-7a87-42b4-ae54-cf070f513bb7 code=404: Resource with UID '1eb85d9c-7a87-42b4-ae54-cf070f513bb7' not found.

Also, the issue could appears during the attempt to re-assign 'Primary mailbox' property.


Possible reasons:

  • Mailbox with forwarding enabled.
    A special hidden contact is created in exch_contacts in this case. This contact is not seen in CCP and customer is not able to manipulate it.

  • Exchange subscription has been transferred between accounts in the past. No proper owner link between subscription and mailbox resources remained after OA platform upgrade to 7.x version.


  • Mailbox with forwarding enabled. Only manual w\a is available.
  • Exchange subscription has been transferred between accounts in the past.: this case has been submitted to development as request #APS-42524: "Exchange mail-mailbox aps resource does not change owner during subscription transfer to another account".

Contact Odin Technical support to apply workaround for these cases. It requires OA DB intervention and cannot be shared publicly.

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