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Article ID: 131030, created on Jun 21, 2017, last review on Jun 21, 2017

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.0


After upgrade of the Office 365 APS package to version 16.8.3 or higher, the task Provisioning "Subscription" for APS application Office 365 cannot complete for a long time. The task output contains the following message:

Operation pending. Provisioning is being executed by the application.
Additional info: Waiting for Account creation

As a result sales order stucks in Long Running Operation status.


Since Office 365 16.8.3 new customization of subdomain forms was introduced for both Billing panel and online store. The subdomain field of the tenant APS resource was renamed from subdomain to initial_subdomain. However, during upgrade new customization was not applied, or older customization files were not removed. As a result, when placing new order, incorrect subdomain field is passed to OA:

{"aps":{"type":""},"subdomain":"my365domain", "bind_to_domain": ""}

while newer version is expected:

{"aps":{"type":""},"initial_subdomain":"my365domain", "bind_to_domain": "", "ms_account_id": ""}

This incorrect value can be observed at Billing > Operations > Orders > click the order > Provisioning Items, click the item. Under Service Info, next to the text Office 365 Subdomain the aforementioned parameter can be found.


  1. For orders placed from Billing panel: make sure all old customization files are deleted from the Billing node:

    • Log on to the OA Billing Application Server (OABLINFE) as root.
    • Go to the /usr/local/bm/customization directory and remove the BM_ProvisioningParams.xml file (if it exists)
    • Make sure the directory /usr/local/bm/conf/html/o365 does not contain backup copies of the script.js file.
  2. For orders placed from online stores: make sure old store customization is removed (should be done for every store):

    1. Go to Products > Online Store and select your online store for editing.
    2. Go to Products > Online Store and select the Design tab.
    3. Click the Edit button.
    4. Remove all the custom CSS of the Office 365 and Azure CSP applications.
    5. Click the Save button.
    6. Go to Products > Online Store and select the Layout Templates tab.
    7. Remove the resourcegate layout template (if it exists).
    8. Remove the o365_provision layout template (if it exists).
    9. If the provision layout template exists, click on its name and then click the Reset to Default button.
  3. Apply new customization as described in the article KB129556

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