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Article ID: 130952, created on Jun 8, 2017, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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storage_id is null for imported servers with Import Server button at OACI -> Virtualization Nodes -> NODE_NAME -> Virtual Servers.

OACI detects network storage correctly, but does not update storage_id value in IM DB.

select s.ve_ref, v.uuid, v.hn_id,, v.state, v.customer_id, s.storage_id from ve_storage as s join ve as v on s.ve_ref = where s.storage_id is null and s.storage_type = 1 order by v.hn_id;                         
 ve_ref |                 uuid                 | hn_id |   name   |  state  | customer_id |              storage_id
   1234 | 08bd850d-da5c-48e1-8749-d7ea81ac1e4f | 12    | test-1 | STARTED |     1231212 |

As a result, the possible issue is no VE relocation after a node crash.


The behavior is acknowledged as a software issue CCU-15492.


Contact Odin Technical Support to resolve the issue.

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