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Article ID: 130932, created on Jun 6, 2017, last review on Jun 6, 2017


All terms & conditions of Customer’s existing Support Addendum (or Support Agreement) are applicable to Business Intelligence Module (“BI”) support.


Odin Automation Premium Ticket Severity definitions will be applied for Business Intelligence Module.

Note: As Business Intelligence Module is not involved in service provisioning/operations, Customers should not have any Severity 1 requests for it, the exception is the situations where BI impacts platform performance, which results in halt of operations/critical business impact.

Service Levels

Business Intelligence Module related requests are covered by SLA defined in Support Addendum or Support Agreement for OA Premium Platform.

Technical support coverage

In scope:

  • Troubleshooting of BI related issues
    • Errors in CP
    • Errors in standard reports (developed by Odin)
    • Issues reported by Monitoring Tool
      • Odin support will provide information to Customer, what trigger error means and guidance how to resolve it (as it’s described in documentation)
      • Odin support will not do any troubleshooting on system/DB/network layer
    • Update of BI component or assistance with issues related to BI component update
    • For Customers who buy Azure Subscription from Ingram Micro, Azure related issues will be forwarded to IMC Customer Support

Out of scope:

  • Deployment & Configuration of Business Intelligence Module, integration with Customer’s own BI-tool
  • Maintenance and administration of servers used by Business Intelligence Module
  • Maintenance of system DB replicas and BI database
  • Monitoring of BI services
  • Configuration of additional triggers for BI Monitoring tool
  • Creation of custom reports, including any consultation of what tables/fields to use to create custom report
  • Troubleshooting of issues related to custom reports
  • Issue related to Azure Subscription (for Customer with their own Azure Subscription)

Bug Fixes

Odin Automation support team does not handle requests for bug fixes. Hotfix requests should be placed through TAM or (for Customers without TAM) channel. Odin Support does not provide any ETAs/status updates for a bug fixes fix.

Support Fees / Payment

BI related requests are deducted from existing total number of Incidents. No additional fees.

Standard Incident refund policy will be used for Business Intelligence Module, i.e. in the event that Customer identifies and reports an Incident that relates to a bug or error that has not been previously identified and documented by Odin, Customer shall be entitled to either receive a support Incident credit in their annual Incident pool or to receive a credit for paid Incidents. If the Issue is a known bug that is documented in the public KB then the refund policy does not apply.

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