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Article ID: 130852, created on May 22, 2017, last review on Aug 2, 2017


During upgrade to 7.1 you may run into the following precheck error: "There are ... domains for which propagation to APS bus has failed. Please fix the problems and re-launch the propagation as described in the Knowledge Base article #130852".

The reason of this error lies in the following: in the Billing database, the records of domains have found that cannot be managed by a user from CCP v2. Before the upgade to 7.1, the registration data of these domains need to be propagated to APS Bus by re-launching the "Billing registration info propagation" system task.


To confirm that the problem exists, run the following query in BA database console (psql):

~ pba=> SELECT * FROM "DomainRegInfoPropagationLog" WHERE "Status" = 1;

The list of domains that have not been propagated, and the reasons of failure.

LogID  | DomainID | Timestamp  |                  Message                  | Status | UserArc | DateArc 


 219   |      219 | 1481366003 | Plesk.ExSystem: A network error occurred. |      1 |      -1 |       0
(1 row)

If the query returned no rows then everything is OK and the upgrade to 7.1 can be performed.


Run the script to propagate the registration information for failed domains:

  1. On the Billing Application server, change dir to %PBA_ROOT%/tools_py (usually it's /usr/local/bm/tools_py)

    [root@server1 ~]# cd /usr/local/bm/tools_py

    and put there the script:

    [root@server1 tools_py]# wget
  2. Run the script:

    [root@server1 tools_py]# python

    The script will return:

    Found <N> domains which registration info wasn't propagated to APS Bus.
    Resetting marks in the propagation log
    The marks are successfully reset.

    where <N> is count of failed domains.

  3. Connect to PBA Database server and execute query:

    ~ pba=>SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "DomainRegInfoPropagationLog" WHERE "Status" IS NULL;

    The returned value should match <N> received in p.2 of this article.

  4. In Operations PCP, open Tasks > Periodic > Billing registration info propagation and click "Run Task".

    • Wait for the list of tasks to load (~1 minute, but sometimes it can take longer).
    • In Task Log, check that it completed successfully.
    • Now the count of domains ready to propagation should decrease by 100 (comparing to N). Check this by repeating the p.3 of this article.
  5. Repeat step #4 until the query of step #3 will return 0.

  6. To check that everything is done, execute the next query in PBA database:

    ~ pba => SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "DomainRegInfoPropagationLog" WHERE "Status" = 1;

    If it returns 0 then everything is OK, and you can continue with the upgrade to 7.1. Otherwise, it is needed to investigate the reasons of failures for each domai – contact Odin support.


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