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Table of Contents

1. Preface

2. Odin Support Quick Start Quide

3. Free Support Resources

4. Odin Support Programs

5. Creating Support Requests

6. The Support Request Workflow

7. Legal Information

1. Preface

About This Guide

This document is intended for all Odin customers with product- or license-related issues to resolve. This guide is intended to provide a better understanding of how the Odin Support team works to resolve issues in a timely manner and with minimal effort on your part.

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About The Odin Support Team

As the face of the company, the Odin Support Team is an integral part in ensuring the success of our customers. We provide exceptional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We strive to bring high value to our customers in resolving their support and business needs.

The Odin Support Department is a team of highly skilled specialists. We employ about 100 people in different offices across the globe. Together with our customers, we work each day to improve our service. Our technical experience grows through regular product training of Odin products and certification programs for the platforms and operating systems of our products. This allows us to provide solutions based on industry standards, best practices, and certified knowledge you can trust. Our motto is "We can only be as successful as our customers." We take pride in providing our clients with timely, helpful, and efficient support.

Odin Support Specialists

We have the following qualified specialists in the Odin Support Team:

  • Support Engineers (SE) can help you with any technical product inquiry; perform root cause analysis; or provide workarounds for mission-critical services. When needed, they will route your issue to developers for an efficient solution or workaround.
  • Technical Account Manager (TAM) provides proactive support of you and your business; a person familiar with your business and configurations; and finally, your customer advocate. Read more about the Odin Technical Account Manager program here.

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2. Odin Support Quick Start Quide

The Odin Support Quick Start Guide is designed to allow Odin customers and partners to access support easily. This guide contains a process overview, support ticket requirements, and tips and tricksthat enable the Odin Support Team to efficiently resolve your support request.

Getting started with Odin Free Support Resources

As the Odin Support Team identifies trends and repeating issues, we quickly update documentation, publish new KB articles, and work with the Odin Development teams to release updates to the Odin software product suites. Below are a few free resources that are excellent to refer to, prior to contacting the Odin Support Team.

  1. Product Documentation
  2. Knowledge Base
  3. Odin Community Forum

If you have further questions or require the involvement of a technical specialist from Odin you are welcome to contact Odin Support Team.

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Prior to contacting Support Team

In order to receive support from the Odin Support Team you are first required to have valid support options. The support options can be applied either to a product license, or to a support contract. When a support contact is signed, the partner is provided with a support code (more details in Support Code article).

The support code is a ten-digit code provided to you by your Sales Representative at the time of the product purchase or the partner contract execution, if you have opted to purchase a support contract. If you have active support options applied to your product license, you may also authenticate with support by using your product license number to receive help for a specific installation.

If you choose not to purchase a support contract, the Odin Support Team has created many free resources, which can be found earlier in this guide. More information about paid support options is located here.

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How to reach Odin Technical Support

In order to make it easy for Odin partners to contact the Odin Support Team, we have provided several easy methods to contact support. To create a support request use

To manage and monitor your support requests you can use Support Request Tracker. The Steps to Setup Support Request Tracker Account are listed in Odin Request Tracker Account article.

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Support Requests Workflow

Below is an example the workflow and overall process that you will experience while working with the Odin Support Team.

  1. Visit the Support Request Form
  2. Fill in all of the required elements of the support request form
  3. Check available KB articles for a possible solution of the reported issue
  4. If found KB articles do not provide resolution then submit your product license or Odin Support Code ( see more info on support code ) and continue with providing more details of the issue.
  5. A member of the Odin Support Team will evaluate your request to ensure that all required details are present and begin processing the request.
  6. A Support Engineer will provide ETA of resolution or a next update.
  7. Investigation and troubleshooting will be held on your Support Request. Should it not be resolvable within the currently assigned support group, it will be escalated to senior team members.
  8. Resolution provided.
  9. Confirmation of the resolution and the closure of the ticket by you, the customer.
  10. Support Customer Satisfaction Survey is sent.

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Information to be provided in a Support Requests

Once you have identified that you need to contact the Odin Support Team, please utilize the web support form. We request that you use this form as it allows all the important information to be gathered at the beginning of your support request and prevents any delays due to missing information.

Below is list of the additional information that will greatly assist the Odin Support Team in resolving your Support Request in the quickest possible manner.

  • A description of what exact errors are displayed in the Odin product interface.
  • Exact errors displayed in error logs of the product you are contacting the Odin Support team about and the location of these error logs.
  • The exact steps that one can take to reproduce the error or the issue being reported.
  • Any applicable information such as: user IDs, subscription IDs, domain names, FTP usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, and host addresses.
  • Any background information that describes the events leading up to this request.
  • Should your infrastructure have restrictions on reboots or service restarts, please define specific time frames when we may perform such actions.
  • Any KB articles that you have already reviewed as part of your troubleshooting process.

Please note that any password authentication information submitted to Odin via an email reply will be automatically stripped from the ticket for security purposes. Instead, please ensure that you use the secure online form.

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The Support Permission Agreement Form

If the investigation requires checking the issue on the server the support will request to provide the access credentials via the Support Permission Agreement Form. Alternatively, you can provide the access credentials when submitting a request. This form provides the necessary login information and authorization to login to your server to perform troubleshooting steps. If you choose or forget to fill out this form right away, we often have to re-contact you to complete this form, and the resolution of the reported issue is delayed because of that.

Please make sure that you update your firewall and access control settings to allow the access from the IP addresses and / or using security keys listed in the SPF form. This is to ensure that the Odin Support Team has the access to the system(s) listed in your support request.

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Time to Initial Response and Severity Levels

Severity Level Initial Response Time Severity Description
Severity 1 2 Hours Urgent
Severity 2 2 Hours High
Severity 3 2 Hours Normal
Severity 4 2 Hours Minor

The selected severity should be reasonable. The Shift Manager on duty can either reduce the severity of your ticket if it is overrated or increase it. To identify the severity of a ticket, please review these pages:

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Escalating Tickets

The Odin Support Team realizes that some tickets have higher priority than other requests and therefore offers a few methods to our customers to escalate their requests if necessary.

Ticket Severity Escalation Available After Escalation Method
Severity 1 1 hour after last support correspondence Phone
Severity 2 50% of ETA has passed Escalation Button, Phone
Severity 3 ETA is missed Escalation Button, Phone
Severity 4 N/A N/A

Escalation Button – Located within the Support Request Tracker in the upper right hand side of the ticket. More details on escalating tickets are provided here.

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3. Free Support Resources

To understand all the advantages of the Odin Support Portal and to use all Odin Support tools to the fullest extent please follow the link. Before contacting the Odin Support Team, we recommend that you check our free-of-charge self-support options, such as Product Documentation, Odin Knowledge Base and Odin Forums.

Product Documentation

Documentation for all Odin products can be found on the Odin Support portal

Important: Prior to installing any Odin product, we recommend that you review the respective product documentation, server requirements, and release notes.

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Knowledge Base

Odin Knowledge Base contains known solutions for the most frequent questions and problems. The Knowledge Base is regularly updated with new cases and resources as they become available. It is recommended that Customers check back often for updates.

In the Knowledge Base, you can search for a solution by simply typing a key phrase related to your question or product problem. To create a more defined search, you may want to utilize the drop down menus to be more targeted.

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Discussion Forums

If you want to discuss your issue with other Odin customers, share your experience, or receive answers from our technicians, you can do so at our Odin Forums. Just register and enjoy live communication with other forum users at

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4. Odin Support Programs

In case none of the solutions provided in our free support resources have helped you resolve your issue, you can ask Odin Support Team for help.

Odin Support Programs Overview

Please review the below Odin Support options to find the support program that suits your needs the best.

  • Support Contract. Based on the support contract the partner receives a support plan that includes support incidents and Technical Account Manager’s time. To arrange a support contract one needs to contact Odin Sales Representative. If you are an Odin customer with a support contract, please use your Support code (looks like 2 sets of 5 digits, separated by dash: 12345-67890) in the support form when submitting tickets instead of a license key number.
  • Limited Free Support for Odin Automation Essentials. All hosters on Odin Automation Essentials receive 10 free support incidents with each license. More details here.
  • Per Incident Support for Customers. Odin offers per-incident support at the rates depending on the product and the type of incident. An incident is defined as a single support issue that cannot be divided into multiple sub-requests. An incident can span multiple communications including both e-mail and phone conversations. Also per-incident support is offered in bundles of 10 or more tickets. More information on per-incident support and rates can be found here.

The support options listed above exclude administrative tasks. All administrative tasks are out of Odin products scope and must be fulfilled by the server administrator. Please review the below Odin Support options and find the support program that best suits your needs.

The Support code assigned to your Support contract is visible in our Request Tracker (RT) interface.

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Odin Support Programs Tables

Plan TAM, hours per week Number of Incidents Initial Response Time, hours Time to Workaround, hours
Silver+ 5 50 Sev 1 - 4 hours
Sev 2 - 4 hours
Sev 3 - 8 hours
Sev 4 - 24 hours
Sev 1 - 24 hours
Sev 2 - 48 hours
Sev 3 - 96 hours
Sev 4 - n/a
Gold 10 100 Sev 1 - 2 hours
Sev 2 - 4 hours
Sev 3 - 6 hours
Sev 4 - 12 hours
Sev 1 - 6 hours
Sev 2 - 12 hours
Sev 3 - 48 hours
Sev 4 - n/a
Platinum 20 200 Sev 1 - 2 hours
Sev 2 - 2 hours
Sev 3 - 4 hours
Sev 4 - 8 hours
Sev 1 - 6 hours
Sev 2 - 12 hours
Sev 3 - 48 hours
Sev 4 - n/a
Diamond 40
Unlimited Sev 1 - 1 hours
Sev 2 - 1 hours
Sev 3 - 2 hours
Sev 4 - 4 hours
Sev 1 - 2 hours
Sev 2 - 8 hours
Sev 3 - 48 hours
Sev 4 - n/a

OBAS, Plesk Automation, H-Shpere customers Per-incident support is available for purchase at

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Odin Software Update Service (SUS)

Odin Software Update Service (SUS) is a part of our software maintenance program which provides updates to new releases of Odin Business Automation Standard and H-Sphere. This service allows you to upgrade your key to the latest product versions for free while SUS is active.

With your initial purchase of Odin software, the SUS will be activated for one year, ensuring that you will have the option to upgrade to the latest version of your licensed Odin software. Prior to your first year purchase anniversary date, you will have an opportunity to renew your SUS for 25% of the base retail price of your license key(s). This renewal is required to receive updated keys and patch availability.

Here is a list of Odin Software Update Service (SUS) Details:

  • SUS is always included into the Lease licenses and is valid while a Lease key is valid. For Purchased (Permanent) licenses, SUS is to be renewed.
  • Software Update Service (SUS) includes all Service Patches, Updates, and New Version Releases for Odin Business Automation Standard and H-Sphere.
  • Valid Software Update Service (SUS) allows a customer to download all major upgrades and updates for the software. SUS does not include any technical support services or software installation services.
  • Software Update Service (1 year) is included in the Retail Price of the License.
  • SUS Renewal is OPTIONAL.
  • SUS can be RENEWED for 25% of the Retail Price prior to first year Expiration date (1 year from date of purchase) for an additional 1 year.
  • If SUS expired, it can be REINSTATED for 65% of the license key price for unlimited domains.
  • Reinstated Odin SUS can be renewed for 25% of the current Retail Price.
  • For more information on Software Update Service (SUS) please check For other products please contact your sales representative in Odin.

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Technical Training

Odin offers standard training courses for the following products:

  • Odin Service Automation / Odin Automation Premium
  • Odin Automation Essentials
  • Plesk Automation

The courses are designed to train participants on the product's features, functions, installation, configuration, and maintenance. Participants will obtain in-depth knowledge of the products and the impact the products can have on their business. Participants can select from different levels and types of training, including onsite classes or remote online sessions. Each course taken also provides the chance to become certified for the particular Odin product for which they have attended training. Our certification program is built around each of our product suites and offers three levels of certification: Associate, Professional and Expert. More information about the Odin Certification Program can be found here.

Please note that the Business Automation and Operations Automation basic training is mandatory for all Business Automation customers. The cost is included in the original price of the product. Business Automation basic training can be upgraded to extend training at an additional fee. To obtain more information about Odin's training courses or to register for a course, visit our Technical Training Center.

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5. Creating Support Requests

Support Request Policies

In this section, you can find information on the incident deducting policy, one-ticket-per-issue policy, support request severities, and support code.

Incident Deducting Policy

If you have a support contract or have purchased a support pack that includes a limited number of incidents, one incident will be deducted from the contract when you create a ticket via our ticketing system, call center, or chat.

Once an incident is deducted from your support contract, it cannot be credited back even if the issue was resolved without technical support’s help. Also, the incident cannot be credited if the issue is described in our Knowledge Base (see page 6) or was fixed in released patches, upgrades, or major releases. All new support requests (such as consultations, configuration questions, etc.) will trigger the incident deducting to occur.

An incident can be credited back to your support contract only in cases when it is confirmed as a product bug or a known bug that was not fixed yet in any patches or major releases.

If you have created a request via the Online Sales team regarding your online order or any licensing issue, the incident will not be deducted from your support contract.

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One Ticket - One Issue Policy

According to general support rules, our customers should create separate tickets for each individual issue or question. It is often difficult to trace the status of the original problem when various independent requests are mixed in a single thread. A "one ticket - one issue” method helps the support team to process support requests in a more efficient way.

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Support Request Severities

Severity level indicates the relative impact of an issue on customer’s systems or business processes. Odin support uses the following guidelines to evaluate the severity of support requests:

  • Severity 1 (Urgent): A customer is unable to install and run the software because of problems with a license key, the computer (server) fails to start, or the software crashes and corrupts data. No workaround or immediate solution is available.
  • Severity 2 (High): A customer is unable to install and use a program component or a feature described in the documentation. A temporary workaround may be available as Odin attempts to resolve the issue.
  • Severity 3 (Normal): A customer is able to use the software; however, there is a partial non-critical loss of functionality of the software.
  • Severity 4 (Low): A customer encountered a minor cosmetic issue, errors in the documentation, or asks for information about software usage, enhancements, or modifications.

The detailed severity definitions for OA, BA, OBAS products can be found here and the detailed severity definition for Plesk Automation products can be found here.

Important: The selected severity should be reasonable. Support engineers may reduce the severity of the ticket after your confirmation if it does not match the official definition.

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Submitting Support Request

There are different ways to submit a Support request to Odin Support Team. You can choose the one that suits you the best:

  • Create a request through the web form
  • Submit your request by phone
  • Purchase per-incident support online and a support request will be created automatically

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Creating Requests via the Web Support Form

You can submit a support request to Odin Support Team via our web form. Prior to submitting a request, please make sure that you have an active support contract on your product license or support code.

To create a support request via the web form, please follow these steps

On the home page of the Support Portal (, press Create Support Request button. You will be taken to the Submit Support Request page. On this page select the Odin Product with which you have an issue.

The list includes the whole line of Odin products. On the Product Information step you will be requested to submit the details of the request like the request type, the product version, the affected module etc. You can choose answers from the respective drop-down menus. Then you will be redirected to Search for a solution step where you can use error messages or other keywords to find a solution in our knowledgebase.

After the search is submitted, you will see the list of relevant Knowledge Base articles for the component and keywords you have used. Please look through them carefully. Most likely, they will contain the solution for your issue, and you will avoid creating a request that deducts from support contract total.

If you have found the solution to your issue in some of the suggested articles, click Yes, please cancel this request button below the question “Did any of the articles above help you resolve your request?” Otherwise choose the No, I still need help option and enter your support code to continue.

On the Steps to reproduce page enter problem description in detail. Make sure you fill in all required empty fields and attach files if necessary.

To reduce resolution time and avoid additional contacts from the Support team to clarify the situation, please provide as much information as you can:

  • Issue description itself.
  • Current server and network configuration.
  • Exact error which appears in the product.
  • Exact error which appears in other logs.
  • All related log files (System/Event log, mail logs, database logs, apache/IIS logs).
  • Screenshots (if needed).
  • The exact time the error occurred.
  • Any specific information such as user/subscription IDs, affected mailboxes, and/or domain(s).
  • Any KB articles that you have already reviewed as part of your troubleshooting process.
  • Describe the exact steps for reproducing the issue.
  • Describe the latest actions made on the server before the problem had occurred.
  • Describe the steps you tried to do to fix the issue.
  • When you click Continue you will be redirected to Server Access step where you will be requested to provide the access data so an Odin Support Engineer can login to the affected environment to investigate the reported issue.

Finally on the Contact Information step you can submit the contact detail so Odin Support Team can contact you regarding the support request. Please provide a valid phone number and the appropriate call level in order to make the communication the most efficient. Select the ticket severity to reflect the issue scale and importance and click Submit to complete the procedure.

Upon submitting the request, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the request ID assigned to your request, ticket severity, and estimated response time. Please read carefully all the data provided therein. This data will help you in further communications with Odin Support Team.

Important: In all future correspondence regarding your current issue, always include the request ID in the e-mail subject line.

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Submitting Request by Phone

We provide phone support for questions about product functionality and known issues covered in Odin Knowledge Base or to receive/provide updates to previously submitted support requests. For support requests not covered by the Odin Knowledge Base or known issues, we encourage you to submit requests via the Support Request Portal. This ensures we have all required information to complete your request in a quick manner.

Prior to using our phone support, please make sure:

  • You have an active support contract on your support code or valid support options on product license.
  • The phone support is covered by your support contract.
  • A current Request Tracker ID for your currently opened case.
  • To submit your support request over the phone, use any the following phone numbers:
    • +1 (425) 484-0105 - International.
    • +1 (888) 882-0967 - Toll-free for US and Canada.

Additional contacts are located here:

If you have already created a ticket on the issue you want to solve, please enter the ticket number during the call at the request of the phone menu system.

If you don't have a ticket on this issue, a ticket will be created automatically and its number will be given to you.

Complex issues requiring investigation and Odin Technical Support Representatives work on customer's server(s) can be reported by phone. Further work by Odin Technical Support staff takes place offline. Per customer request, updates on work progress can be received either by phone or e-mail.

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Purchasing Per-Incident Support Online

If you don't have an active support contract or valid support on your product license, you may purchase per-incident support online and a support request will be created automatically Before purchasing per-incident support, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our Knowledge Base, Documentation, and Forums. These resources may lead directly to the answers you need. If none of the aforementioned resources help you to solve the issue and you still require assistance from the Odin Support Team, you can buy per-incident support at

After we have confirmed your payment, you will receive an e-mail from our support system with instructions on how to use the support incident. Please note that once Odin Support starts working on the issue, your payment is nonrefundable. Per-incident purchases cannot be credited back to your account and are intended for use immediately after the incident has been purchased.

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6. The Support Request Workflow

Technical Service Agreement

To be able to solve your issue, Support Representatives might need physical access to your server or control panel. In this case, you need to sign our Technical Service Agreement. By signing this Agreement, you authorize Odin to begin performance of the services or to continue performing support services.

To sign the Technical Service Agreement, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Fill in all required fields (the ones marked with asterisks). Please read the agreement carefully and provide all necessary information.

Important: Close access to your server/service after your issue has been resolved.

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Tracking Your Support Requests

If you place any support request (ticket) to Odin Support Team, you can check your request and status directly in our Request Tracking system (RT) by yourself. RT also enables you to resolve your tickets and open new ones.

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Setting Up Access to Request Tracking Self-Service Portal

To be able to work in Odin RT Self-Service, you need to Get Access. To Get Access to RT, please follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click Get password on the login window.
  • Enter the e-mail address that was utilized for one of your existing tickets. If you have not yet submitted any ticket, please see the Creating Support Request section of this document.
  • Click Send. RT will send you an e-mail with your activation link. If you do not receive any e-mail within 30 minutes, try again or contact Odin Support.

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Working With Support Requests in the Request Tracking Self-Service Portal

In the Odin Request Tracking Self-Service Portal, you can track your existing tickets, resolve them, or open new tickets.

To log in to Odin Request Tracking Self-Service, do the following:

  • Go to
  • Enter your Username and Password. In the Self-Service menu, you will see the following options:
    • Open tickets. This option allows you to filter currently open tickets.
    • Pending Confirmation / Closed tickets. This option allows you to filter closed tickets.
    • New ticket. This option takes you to creation of a ticket through the web form.
    • Search. This option allows you to search for tickets by their status and content.

Important: A ticket that has already been closed cannot be reopened.

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Escalating Your Support Request

If there is a delay in response to your issue, you may escalate it by using the Escalate option in Self-Service.

Note: The Escalate option will not appear until certain conditions are met as mentioned on pp. 8-9 according your support program and request severity.

Once you select Escalate, you are prompted to confirm the escalation and, as soon as it is confirmed, a corresponding e-mail is sent to the Support Shift Manager on duty. The issue will be evaluated, and you will be updated with the issue status at the earliest possibility.

For more details on escalating tickets please refer to the articles below.

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Support Request Resolution Policy

A support ticket is considered as closed in the following cases:

  • After you have confirmed that Odin Support Team has resolved the reported issue.
  • After Odin provided a solution, and we did not receive any further request for assistance from you within 14 days of the resolution notification.
  • If Odin cannot resolve a certain issue or decides not to resolve it with acknowledgement and agreement from your side.
  • Problem is a known bug, and a fix release is set for a later micro-update or revision of the product.

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Participating in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our current and future services are based largely on feedback from our customers. In addition, your satisfaction with our services is the only way we measure our success. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys that give you the opportunity to let us know how we are doing. This is a key measure of our success.

After we have set the ticket to the Pending by Customer’s confirmation status, you will receive a short e-mail with the link to the online survey form like below:

Please follow the link and answer a few questions regarding our support services. Your feedback will help us improve our support and increase your success.

The survey form itself is very simple and intuitive.

You may submit the survey form after logging to Self-Service Portal with your account (please refer to “Getting Access to Request Tracking Self-Service”) and submit short surveys for all tickets using the “Submit selection” button or open a ticket and fill in the detailed form, leaving your comment about Odin service.

The survey rate will show the percent of Pending for Customer’s confirmation tickets with submitted surveys from you.

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7. Legal Information

Product Lifecycle Policy

Rapidly changing technologies as well as competitive pressures influence the level, timing, and character of demand for a particular product or group of products. All of this drives the need to introduce new products and services and to EOL older software revisions as well as products.

Odin provides Software support for all Software for (a) the current Release and the greater of (i) the two immediately preceding Releases or (ii) all Releases made available in the 12 months preceding the release of the then current Release.

Once a product has been withdrawn from Marketing, the maintenance coverage will continue to be available up to the End of Support date. Our customers will be notified at contract renewal of any maintenance price changes or support level changes. Formal notification will be made to all maintenance-paying customers of record advising them of the EOS dates. Odin appreciates your business and we hope to continue to serve you in the future.

General Odin Lifecycle Policy

Odin Automation Premium & Odin Automation Essentials Lifecycle Policy

Odin Business Automation Standard Lifecycle Policy

KB129999 Plesk Automation End of Life (EOL) Statement

KB130055 H-Sphere 3.x End of Life (EOL) and End of Maintenance (EOM) Statement

KB123028 Helm End of Life (EOL) Statement

KB129865 Modernbill and Plesk Billing End of Life (EOL) Statement

KB130056 Customer and Business Manager End of Life (EOL) Statement

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End-User License Agreement

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