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Article ID: 130517, created on Mar 27, 2017, last review on Feb 9, 2018

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Renewal order was not generated for subscription with auto-renewal setting set to Yes.


Possible reasons:

  1. There is already an unprocessed renewal order (attempt to generate a new one will fails with an exception seen in the logs generateRenewalOrders failed with Exc: There is already a Renewal Order # <NUMBER> in Status <Status>).

  2. There is an unprocessed cancellation order for this subscription. generateRenewalOrders method omits subscriptions with non-empty cancellationOrderOrderID (and this is correct, if the value is not null, that means there is an unprocessed cancellation order, no need to renew such subscriptions).

There are some cases when there is no unprocessed cancellation order but the record cancellationOrderOrderID in the "Subscription" table is not empty. It can happen on BA installations:

  • earlier than 6.0.5 (fixed in scope of the bug with id #PBA-63565 "Unable to archive cancellation orders after upgrade to 6.0")
  • under some circumstances when on upgrade to 6.x from 5.x there was a cancellation order in the Provisioning status with order item already completed
  • when installation was updated directly to 6.0.9 and then to 7.x (installation which were not on BA 6.0.3, 6.0.4 and were upgraded to 6.0.5 or above).


  1. Provision unprovisioned renewal order
  2. Provision cancellation order/cancel it. In case there is no unprocessed cancellation order, but there is a value for cancellationOrderOrderID in the "Subscription" table exists, please contact Odin Technical Support Team for assistance.

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