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Article ID: 130359, created on Feb 28, 2017, last review on Feb 28, 2017

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0


Subscription transfer fails with the error:

Parallels Operations Automation error #extype_id #37, module_id #SaaS, APS resource for '/aps/2/application/dns-zone/e5cc8667-1b2d-4bf8-ac04-3c516f753b26' with id '0' was NOT deleted

At the same time in /var/log/poa.log:

2017-02-16T18:15:07.273090+01:00 osscore : ERR [SYSTEM 1:523:a34feb70 SAAS 791085220]: [ SaaS::BaseRequestHandler::sendError] REST Error: DELETE /poa/dns-zone/e674dc3d-f79d-426a-ae9e-45f1c6414699/parentDomain/e5cc8667-1b2d-4bf8-ac04-3c516f753b26
 "code": 500,
 "type": "Poco::Exception",
 "message": "Unlinking of Subdomain from parent Domain is not allowed"


The issue is acknowledged as APS-40782: account aps2 actualization fails with 'Unlinking of Subdomain from parent Domain is not allowed'


  1. Delete the subdomain APS resource from the error message.

    # curl -k -E /usr/local/pem/APS/certificates/poa.pem -X DELETE
  2. Run APS actualization for the account:

    # /usr/local/pem/bin/saas_ctl sync_account 1000101 yes
  3. Transfer the subscription again.

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