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Attempt of adding new Virtuozzo node to OACI resulted in failed task:

Task name: Install additional packages on node according role PACI_HN_PSBM
Last execution output:  '' while ''

The issue could be traced in poa.log:

DBG [task:137040416:86068 RequestProcessor-242474 pau 867680679]: Executing non-locking query: ' SELECT DISTINCT hosts.host_id FROM brand_proxy_params brand JOIN subdomain_services website ON (website.subds_id = brand.vh_id) JOIN domain_services webspace ON (webspace.ds_id = website.ds_id) JOIN services on (services.service_id = webspace.service_id) JOIN hosts on (hosts.host_id = services.host_id and hosts.deleting != 1) JOIN apache_h2e_nodes on (hosts.host_id=apache_h2e_nodes.cluster_id) WHERE hosts.host_id != 1 AND hosts.htype != 'e' OR apache_h2e_nodes.type='W''. Parameters: [] [sqlpid: 22595]

DBG [task:137040416:86068 RequestProcessor-242474 pau 867680679]: Service invocation for service DBService$$$view10 took 2 ms
DBG [task:137040416:86068 1:32701:ac2ffb70 lib 867680679]: [PACI::PACI_impl::configureBrandProxy] {module_id="db_service"; code="1"} '' while ''
DBG [task:137040416:86068 1:32701:ac2ffb70 PACI 867680679]: [ PACI::PACI_impl::configureBrandProxy] <=== EXIT (by exception) [0.012435]


Branding host is selected incorrectly and result could not be further processed. This issue was investigated and passed to Engineering team with id CCU-14157: "PACI SC incorrect branding node select".


This issue will be fixed in upcoming product releases, please contact your technical manager in order to clarify issue status. Please contact Odin technical support in order to apply workaround.

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