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An attempt to manually run actualization of APS 2.0 resources of an account fails with the following error:

[root@osscore ~]# /usr/local/pem/bin/saas_ctl -f /usr/local/pem/etc/pleskd.props provide accounts 1000001 subscriptions 1000011
processing subscription with id 1000011 started
ERROR [ main] system exception, ID ''
Unknown vendor minor code id (0), minor code = 0, completed = NO

In OA main system log messages similar to the ones below can be found:

Feb  1 01:10:11 : DBG [0:6848:b1e5c780:23 RequestProcessor-15581 pau ]: Executing non-locking query: ' SELECT  hs_type, hs_service_status FROM hs_user_services WHERE user_id =  ?'. Parameters: [1111111] [sqlpid: 10112]
Feb  1 01:10:11 : DBG [0:6848:b1e5c780:23 RequestProcessor-15581 pau ]: Service invocation for service DBService$$$view9 took 0 ms
Feb  1 01:10:11 : DBG [0:6848:b1e5c780:23 1:9920:aebfbb70 AccountManagement ]: [ HostedServiceUsers_impl::getHSUserList] <=== EXIT [0.766326]
Feb  1 01:10:11 : ERR [SYSTEM 0:6848:b1e5c780 lib ]: [ main] system exception, ID ''
Unknown vendor minor code id (0), minor code = 0, completed = NO

Running the below query in OA database returns a non-empty result:

plesk=>  select * from contact_properties where contact_id in (select contact_id from users where user_id in (select u.user_id FROM users u JOIN subscriptions s ON s.sub_id = u.sub_id JOIN identities i ON i.identity_id = u.auth_identity_id WHERE u.sub_id = 1000011  AND u.type= 'service user')) and value  ~ '[^[:ascii:]]';
 contact_id |    name    |  value
     100111 | first_name | Username
(1 row) 


The "CORBA/MARSHAL" error that is found in the logs is related to "marshalling", which is a process of data transformation between formats suitable for different modules. In this case the SaaS service controller is gathering the data about the users (from contact_properties table) to transform it and give to another module.

This process fails because of a non-ASCII symbol in one of the user-related fields, in the example above it is the first name of the user.


Try modifying the corresponding property via the OA provider control panel and relaunching the APS actualization afterwards.

If it does not work, please contact Odin technical support.

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