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Article ID: 130292, created on Feb 16, 2017, last review on Mar 15, 2017


On your Odin Automation system, Office 365 4.17 (build 4.17-1) is installed. You need to convert Office 365 APS 1.2 subscriptions from the Syndication Partner Program to the CSP Program by using conversion scripts. Conversion cannot be performed because the conversion scripts and return the message ...The Office 365 APS 1.2 application endpoint is outdated...


The Office 365 APS 1.2 gateway application incorrectly processes a situation when Odin Automation subscriptions get disabled during conversion. As a result, Microsoft cloud subscriptions also get disabled, whereas their state must not be changed during conversion.


  1. Log in to the Office 365 APS 1.2 Gateway Host as Administrator.

  2. Place the kb-130292.patch and patch.exe files to the C:\tmp directory.

  3. Open Command Prompt.

  4. In the command prompt window, go to the directory of the required Office 365 APS 1.2 gateway application.

  5. Apply kb-130292.patch using patch.exe:

    1. In the command prompt window, run the following command to check if the changes can be applied:

      C:\tmp\patch.exe -i "C:\tmp\kb-130292.patch" -p0 --dry-run
    2. If the command completes successfully and does not produce any questions or errors, you can actually apply the changes. To do this, run the following command in the command prompt window:

      C:\tmp\patch.exe -i "C:\tmp\kb-130292.patch" -p0
  6. In the command prompt window, run the following command:

        for %f in (App_Code\o365\SubscriptionEvents.cs App_Code\UserWorkflow.cs App_Code\Workflow.cs HTTPEndpoint.aspx.cs) do icacls.exe %f /reset
  7. In the command prompt window, execute the iisreset command.

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