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In OA control panel one value of the diskspace usage of an NG hosting subscription is shown:

1000001 Diskspace       10 GB 20 GB  Jan-1-2017 01:00

Running du command on the webspace folder on the webserver shows a different value:

[root@ngweb ~]# du -sh /var/www/vhosts/1/100001/
1G    /var/www/vhosts/1/100001/

Running quota command for the correspondent user shows a value that is close to the one shown in OA CP:

[root@ngweb ~]# quota -v 100001
Disk quotas for user u100001 (uid 100001):
 Filesystem  blocks   quota    limit       grace   files       quota   limit   grace
  /dev/root 10276644  20485760 21534336    none    15051       0       0

The webspace user does not have any files owned by him in other folders besides his webspace folder. This can be checked with a command like below:

[root@ngweb ~]# find / -user u100001


Quota was not calculated correctly by the server.


Run quotacheck utility on the server to update and correct the quota values. Please note that in general case it remounts the filesystem as read-only to prevent any write operations when the check is ongoing, so it is better to schedule a maintenance window for this task.

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