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How to deploy POA UI service on an NG webserver/webcluster?


Deployment of POA UI on an NG webserver/webcluster is basically the same as deployment on a standalone VPS as POA UI will work regardless of the environment it is deployed on as long as its requirements for the deployment are met.

The instructions are given in Linux Platform Deployment Guide (POA 5.5, OA 6.0, OA 7.0). They point to the Linux Shared Hosting Deployment Guide in two sections:" Web Cluster Deployment Procedure" and "Installing Additional Services > Enabling UI Service" (POA 5.5, OA 6.0, OA 7.0) .

At the bottom of the Linux Platform Deployment Guide , the note

Important! - It is strongly recommended not to use the server acting as POA UI node for any other purposes. 

basically recommends the UI node to be separate from the rest of the other Linux Shared Hosting environment in deployment.

To clarify: an independent UI Node will not be affected by any issues encountered by the common shared hosting nodes, therefore the recommendation is either an independent VPS or its own NG cluster/server just to serve the UI node. This way, should there be any problems on UI, customers websites will not be affected and vice versa.

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