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How does OA handle domain zone changes in case of DNS hosting subscription disable or switch hosting type from Internal to External?


In both cases OA operates in the same way:

  1. Operation is initiated
  2. OA creates a zone change request in it's own DB
  3. OA checks for the Update nameserver (can be MS DNS, named or PowerDNS - depending on type of DNS server registered in OA) task. If there's no task, OA submits new one.
  4. The task checks the DB for zone change requests
  5. The task remove the zone from NS server
  6. After the operation on remote host completed successfully, the task removes the change request from the OA DB
  7. Once all requests processed successfully, the task finishes.

Once the domain is activated (or hosting is switched to Internal), all records, system and manually created, are being propagated back to the nameservers via Update nameserver tasks.

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