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Article ID: 129807, created on Nov 7, 2016, last review on Nov 7, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0


After decomission of UI node, it is impossible to login to webmail using branded URL like webmail.companyname.tld. Requests are returning error:

503 Service temporary unavailable

In Apache logs on node where webmail-login package is installed (usually, it is branding node with Linux Shared Hosting) the following lines could be found:

==> /var/log/httpd_access_log <==
"GET / HTTP/1.1" 503 323

==> /var/log/httpd_error_log <==
[error] (113)No route to host: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to (*) failed

Login to webmail is possible via link in CCP, webmail itself is working correctly.


Webmail service redirects all requests to UI node which in its turn connects to webmail host via Backnet. This schema is needed to properly brand webmail interface. If UI service or node unavailable (service deleted, UI node decommissioned), requests will go nowhere, making impossible to login to webmail via branded links.


Additional configuration of webmail redirect rules is required on node where webmail-login package is installed to keep webmail fully functional:

  1. Login to node where webmail-login package is installed.
  2. Find the file /usr/local/pem/etc/apache/webmail_login.conf, its content will look like below:

    <VIRTUALHOST 119.x.x.x:80>
            <IfModule mod_ssl.c>
            SSLEngine off
            SERVERNAME 119.x.x.x
            SERVERALIAS webmail.*
            DOCUMENTROOT /tmp
            REWRITEENGINE on
            REWRITECOND %{HTTP_HOST} ^webmail.*
            REWRITERULE ^(.*)${HTTP_HOST} [P]

    and the same part for SSL host. Note address which in our case corresponds to old UI node that was decommissioned earlier.

  3. Change IP-address in rewrite rule no newly valid UI node address ( in our example):

  4. Reload Apache configuration:

    /etc/init.d/pemhttpd reload

These settings were performed by OA automatically upon installation of webmail-login package. Currently there is no way to alter package properties and propagate them to node where it installed. Work on this feature is ongoing in scope of request with ID POA-106021. Also it is impossible to install webmail-login package to Linux NG node.

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