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Article ID: 129783, created on Nov 1, 2016, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.0
  • Business Automation 7.0

Release Notes

Full release notes for Odin Automation Premium version 7.0.1 can be downloaded here.


  • Billing must be upgraded to version 7.0 before upgrading to 7.0.1.
  • CCP v2 does not work with Billing version lower than 7.0.

Functional Changes


  • CCP v2 Enhancements in User Management
  • New System Event Handlers Added
  • Availability of the Domains Service in CCP v2


  • Separate Login and Email Fields for Users in OA Billing Provider CP
  • Ability to Define how Taxes are Displayed in Customer Panel
  • Ability to Restrict Payment Methods for a Customer Class
  • Ability to Add Payment Methods in CCP v2

Online Store

  • Configuring Online Store External Redirect
  • Configuring Online Store to Request Payment Method Details from Subscribers to Trial or 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Services


  • OrderFinDetailsListGet_API Enhancement
  • API Methods to Add Payment Method Tokens

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-106890 SDK::GetMailLists::doGetMailLists fails if number of exchange addresses in result is greater than 2000

Windows Shared Hosting

  • POA-106893 Slow home page rendering in case of many IIS websites
  • POA-105271 Provisioning of site application can make CP unavailable

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-106968 Deleting subscription with MySQL database could cause DatabaseManager to deadlock
  • POA-105978 FileManager XSS issue

VPS Hosting

  • POA-106900 "Disk space usage information" of LinVZ4 HW node is incorrect

Application Packaging Standard

  • APS-38979 Announcement notification does not have "close" button
  • APS-38817 Admin account staff members, which were not modified since 5.5, do not have 'owner' link to account
  • APS-38784 APS2 Account actualization failed
  • APS-38775 'java.lang.NullPointerException' in CCP when disabled subscription is selected under customer and most of CCP tabs are deactivated
  • APS-38768 Missing property "servicesMode" in APS resources "pa/admin-user/1.2" created before upgrade to 7.0
  • APS-38676 pem.addAccount makes call to BA API to update account
  • APS-38512 CCPv2. Users screen localization issue - grey circle instead of 'Assigned' word
  • APS-38466 Type cache is not updated when package version is removed
  • APS-38459 Tenant resource is provisioned automatically when it's specified in aps_defaults_ parameter in pem.setResourceTypeLimits, even when tenant RT limit is not increased
  • APS-38326 CCPv2 : Locale for some tiles in Dashboard is changed randomly to English
  • APS-38324 Properties of Office 365 License resources disappeared after upgrade to Office 16.8 and removal of old versions of package
  • APS-38311 Subscription migration does not work because of incorrect aps_uuid in brands table
  • APS-38055 Impossible to add website to DropMySite application in OA 7.0
  • APS-37901 Setter for 'disabled' property is broken
  • APS-37897 Tooltip in aps/ActiveList is broken
  • APS-37803 CCP v2 de_DE localization issue
  • APS-37275 Domain is bound to SpamExperts application automatically regardless of domain binding activation parameter
  • APS-38975 Core dump when reading SDK::Platform::Properties on Telefonica
  • APS-38918 Subscription migration fails because of duplicate APS links between reseller account and brand
  • APS-37399 CCP v2 localization issue
  • APS-37335 Locked service user with Exchange mailbox alias equal to lowered login of staff member could not be unlocked via PCP, 'User 0 not found'
  • APS-37796 Common statuses and action buttons are not localized into German for legacy applications in CCP v2
  • APS-39066 If many legacy services are assigned to an account, these services are not shown in CCP v2

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-13599 When entering VZPP via branding, the following error occurs 'There is no host with ID'
  • CCU-13507 The CPU frequency slider shows the minimum value while the other sliders show the actual value on the Configure Hardware screen
  • CCU-13503 There is no possibility to modify cloud server's hardware resources in the CCP if the IP resource limits in the subscription are unlimited
  • CCU-13501 VMs are stuck in the 'Creation in progress' state in UI while operating fine in the DB and IM
  • CCU-13499 VE relocation when cluster's node is unavailable results in VE duplication
  • CCU-13401 The Instance Manager selects a node in a cluster randomly, even inactive one
  • CCU-13322 There is no clean-up in domain* tables when OACI service controller is removed
  • CCU-13320 A provider does not have possibility to bill for 'CI network disk usage stopped' resource when the subscription is disabled
  • CCU-13282 VM2VF service restart need to be optimized
  • CCU-13161 The VM2VF component does not reconnect to JMS after network failure
  • CCU-13065 Different values in the Bandwidth drop-down list are shown in the online store and CCP
  • CCU-13046 Request sending from OACI service controller to the Instance Manager need to be optimized during "Create VE" operation


  • POA-107363 Ugly email notification about new updates
  • POA-107222 'Forgot password' link sending causes Java exception
  • POA-107122 Linked domains are not clickable in Office 365 when domains enabled
  • POA-107035 Tasks for upgrading/installing packages on post phase of upgrade are run one by one
  • POA-107012 The Domain order hangs in the Provisioning status in Billing in case external name server is used
  • POA-106891 Deadlocks in OA UI
  • POA-106788 Impossible to register domain using OpenSRS plug-in because of "PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen"
  • POA-106590 DNS task (PowerDNS) fails and has invalid sequence of DNS zone changes (openapi)
  • POA-106588 The Domain request is sent to registrar before the zone creation is completed, as a result the domain request may be rejected
  • POA-106454 Links inside 'Account' section on 'Home' screen lead to broken page
  • POA-106424 script is missing on Billing Application node
  • POA-106332 Bulk hotfixes installation is broken
  • POA-106170 Thread-unsafe code in ActionParametersStorage could cause 100% CPU utilization of UI service
  • POA-105179 Cannot bootstrap PAU when DB is on remote host
  • POA-105096 Check verifyui.pyc detects installed customizations of Control Panel screens as ERROR
  • POA-105085 Upgrade TEF set to 7.0: warnings on cleanup phase
  • POA-107222 'Forgot password' link sending causes Java exception
  • POA-90265 Subscription Migration freezing in Migrating state
  • POA-106413 Wildcard is created incorrectly by the pem.apache.createWildcardWebsite API method

Public API

  • PBA-76582 CreateManualOrder_API may set incorrect Tax Category


  • PBA-76815 The Stripe payment plug-in shipped with OA does not support TLS 1.2


  • PBA-76584 It is possible to get incorrect service plan publication status
  • PBA-76583 Promotion is not applicable for renewal if subscription limit is exceeded
  • PBA-76444 The VAT rate for Poland is not updated to the currently effective value
  • PBA-74954 Adding user with upsell service required fails

Control Panel

  • PBA-75833 It is impossible to pay using system-wide custom payment methods in CCP v2
  • PBA-75388 GetMyCustomersPayTool execution time is too long
  • PBA-75014 Impossible to see Subscription details (template on domain gate) under Reseller Customer: "javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException: result returns more than one elements"
  • PBA-77236 Payments method are disappeared when "Pay Using Available Credit" is used


  • PBA-76580 Need to correctly parse limit_exceeded response from INTERNETX


  • PBA-77006 updateAlreadyDelegatedStoreCategories in reseller synchronization is not optimized
  • PBA-77005 updatePlanCategories is not optimized
  • PBA-77004 Duplicate methods execution in updateDelegatedServicePlans
  • PBA-76269 Reseller synchronization of terms and conditions is not optimized: redundant write operations to the database

Online Store

  • PBA-76594 CPU frequency is shown as MHz instead of GHz on OACI-related screens in the online store


  • PBA-76850 Non-optimized select on BM::SalesOrderGetAgentOrderListPageData when "All Orders" are displayed with huge amount of orders in 1 day
  • PBA-76685 The script fails on configuring iptables
  • PBA-76578 It is possible to assign sales person from other sales branch to account
  • PBA-76133 Customers customizations: script fails with error: 'No such file or directory'
  • PBA-74918 Impossible to upgrade Billing to 7.0 with "" file that contains Russian localization


  • POA-106959 OACI-related section in the Firewall Configuration guide does not mention rules for JMS transport
  • POA-106899 Domain SDK Plugins endpoint does not authenticate OA Core
  • POA-106254 Description of 'Name based virtual host' resource is not full
  • POA-105869 OA 7.0 bind support for CentOS/RHEL 7
  • POA-105319 Add to Provider's Guide information from (Q29)
  • POA-105060 There is no description for parameters of 'API 'pem.setSystemProperty' method
  • POA-107484 Initialization Reseller error: Operations Automation error #error_code #0, extype_id #202, module_id #BrandingManagement, There are webhosting on domain #66
  • POA-106857 "Domain Registrars" menu item is missing
  • PBA-76765 Need to mention new log directory
  • PBA-76273 'ChangeParentSubscription_API' method is not fully described
  • PBA-76244 Switch between OA and DummyGATE plans
  • PBA-72367 Description of 'TokenForAccountGet_API' API method should be enhanced
  • CCU-12993 Need to update the Firewall Configuration Guide according to the HTML5 console requirements


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

The update can be downloaded here.

See also: Odin Automation Premium 7.0 Updates.

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