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How does notification template inheritance work?


When the notification template is created under Provider with Visible to resellers enabled, the same notification template is shown under all the resellers. If any changes with the template are done by the provider, the same changes are automatically propagated to the resellers template.

As soon as the reseller makes any changes with this delegated notification template (disable, modify), a copy of this template is made - two separate templates exist:

pba=> select "AccountID","TmplName" from "Template" where "TmplName" = 'Order Cancellation';
 AccountID |      TmplName
         0 | Order Cancellation
         1 | Order Cancellation
   1000039 | Order Cancellation
(3 rows)

AccountID 0 - default template
AccountID 1 - the template modified by the provider and delegated to all the resellers
AccountID 1000039 - a copy of the template created by the reseller 1000039 by modifying the notification template. The template stops inheriting it's content from the top-level provider 

Since creating a template copy it becomes not possible to synchronize the changes from the providers template to the resellers one. There is a feature request with id #PBA-56021 ("Ability to synchronize notification template from provider to reseller") to make it possible.

If the reseller deleted the notification template but it is required, please contact Odin Support Team.

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