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Article ID: 129755, created on Oct 31, 2016, last review on Nov 9, 2016

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Order provisioning for services based on DUMMYGATE is not completed, no exception can be found in the UI. That can be any type of the order.


  1. Check if an operation made (service creation, starting, renewal, service plan change, etc) is supposed to be done with the script:

    Home > Products > Service Templates > #ID > Event Handlers

    Exec Script is set for the operation

  2. Check the logs - in the scheduler.log or DUMMYGATE.log (BA <6.0.) an error can be seen:

       +++[6] Int bDummyST::executeCommand(Str, Int)(script_command, 2723589)
        +++[7] Int bDummyST::executeCommandStr(Str)(script_command 2723589)
    Error during execution. Exit code=512; errno=0
        ---[7] Int bDummyST::executeCommandStr(Str)
       ---[6] Int bDummyST::executeCommand(Str, Int)


  +++[1] virtual Int bDummyST::executeCommand(Str, Int)(script_command, 38595)
   +++[2] virtual Int bDummyST::executeCommandStr(Str)(script_command 38595)
Permission denied, please try again.

or any other error returned by custom script.

For orders stuck in Provisioning there can be no response from the script at all:

[DATE TIME Worker2.49  RQ364425 NTE] Entering method DUMMYGATE_Container::Worker2.49.StartService(user = -1, transaction = 395258, SID = 0, lang = en, LP)
[DATE TIME Worker2.49  RQ364425 NTE]        1 input arguments :
                int32_t: SUBSCRIPTION_ID
[DATE TIME Worker2.49  RQ364425 TRC]   +++[2] virtual Int bDummyST::executeCommandStr(Str)(script_command SUBSCRIPTION_ID)

however there are no further records for the transaction ID RQ364425 in the log which means that the script that is being executed did not return any data so BA awaits for the response.

Or it may take much time to receive the response, which causes delays in provisioning:

[14-06-19 10:40:17.311 Worker1.34  RQ507944 TRC]  +++[1] virtual Int bDummyST::executeCommand(Str, Int)(script_command, 2156971)
[14-06-19 10:40:17.311 Worker1.34  RQ507944 TRC]   +++[2] virtual Int bDummyST::executeCommandStr(Str)(script_command 2156971)

[14-06-19 10:45:18.137 Worker1.34  RQ507944 INF] Command executed successfully
[14-06-19 10:45:18.137 Worker1.34  RQ507944 TRC]   ---[2] virtual Int bDummyST::executeCommandStr(Str)
[14-06-19 10:45:18.137 Worker1.34  RQ507944 TRC]  ---[1] virtual Int bDummyST::executeCommand(Str, Int)


Contact script developer to clarify why the script returns non-zero exitcode, why the command fails/hangs. Resubmit an order after resolving the issue with the script.

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