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Article ID: 129682, created on Oct 24, 2016, last review on Oct 24, 2016


CVE-2016-5195 is a local privilege escalation vulnerability, reported recently for Linux kernels above version 2.6.22. More information could be obtained from vulnerability HUB page and RedHat Customer Portal.

Affected versions

Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 5, 6 and 7 along with corresponding CentOS versions are affected. RedHat released vulnerability testing script. It should be launched on every potentially affected node:

# bash

Output will contain information about system vulnerability and useful links. RHEL and CentOS 5 and 6 reported to be affected partially (only several types of exploit are working on them).


Please refer to the official resolution provided by RedHat.

Please note that this article should be applied for:

  • RedHat/CentOS-based physical servers
  • RedHat/CentOS-based virtual machines

The article should not be applied on the Virtuozzo/PCS - based containers, use Virtuozzo article instead and mitigate the issue on Virtuozzo host. This will cover container environments as well.

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