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Article ID: 129677, created on Oct 24, 2016, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0

Symptoms execution ends successfully for a specific account, but it does not appear to be mirated from SSO to local logins: repeated check via shows that account is not migrated. Check in database reveals particular users (staff members or service users) that are still persist in SSO:

plesk=# select user_id,scope_id,member_id,type,login from users u JOIN identities i ON (i.identity_id = u.auth_identity_id) JOIN external_systems s ON (i.system_id = s.system_id) JOIN external_system_plugins p ON (s.plugin_id = p.plugin_id) WHERE = 'APS_PIM';

 user_id | scope_id | member_id |     type     |            login
    8446 |  1006868 |   1005564 | member       | RichardBroun
    8447 |  1006869 |   1005565 | member       | RachelElizabeth
    9511 |  1006876 |           | service user | user1@example.deleted
    9513 |  1006876 |           | service user | user2@example.deleted

Other accounts are processed correctly. The script does not produce any errors.


Corrupted or inconsistent user resources. In particular, discrepancy could occur between login field in APS resource of user and APS resource of SSO-user identity. In this case user account will not be matched with its SSO identity because script will search case sensitive login, that it obtained from request GET{ACCOUNT_UID}/users earlier.


Either delete users, obtained from select above in this article, or, if that is not possible, contact Odin technical support for workaround.

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