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Article ID: 129665, created on Oct 23, 2016, last review on Feb 20, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0


Task Delete webspace (ds_id=xxxx, hd_id=yyyyyy) on host 'WINWEB01.domain.tld fails with the error:

Destination host 'WINWEB01.domain.tld' (#zzz), IP '' : Provisioning request failed. The system cannot find the path specified. [<response><errorContext description="The system cannot find the path specified." code="0x80070003" executeSeqNo="1"><errorSource namespace="File System Provider Ex" procedure="deleteFileEx"/></errorContext></response>]

The affected webspace is located on IIS7.5 server and has Presence Builder APS installed in it.

Other type of tasks: 'Configure security settings for site application (instance_id = ####) on DS ##### on host 'WINWEB01.domain.tld' (host_id = zzz)'

Destination host 'WINWEB01.domain.tld' (#zzz), IP '<IP>' : Provisioning request failed. Call of method "NTFSManager::setFileOwner" failed.
Type: Parallels.Wpe.Utils.WpeProcedureException.


The issue has been reported to the development team as POA-87588: "Call of method "File System Provider Ex::deleteFileEx" failed: "The system cannot find the path specified" while trying to delete a whole subscription with PPB website on IIS 7.5".

There is a symlink in the Presence Builder site application location. While trying to remove the directory, system moves it to some new location, but symlink still points to the old non-existng location, thus causing the task to fail.


Please contact your Technical Account Manager or PTA team ( to trace the status of POA-87588.

To work around the issue remove the link "D:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_00xxxxxx\siteapps\ParallelsPresenceBuilder-xxxx\htdocs and resubmit the task.

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