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Article ID: 129418, created on Sep 13, 2016, last review on Sep 13, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 6.0


External payment redirect (e.g. PayPal Express) does not work in the store - Pay Now button is not redirecting to the processing center.

post_redirect is not defined is shown when using browser debug.


Check the value of the NEW_WINDOW_FOR_PAYMENT_OPENED word in the dictionary of the languages used in the on-line store (_Home > Products > Online Store > Advanced Settings > Languages > language > Dictionary). If there is an ' symbol, then the root cause is a bug with id #PBA-76040 ("External Payments Redirects may stop working in Online Store due to unescaped ' character").


Apply the workaound:

  1. In the layout template confirm_part_redirect replace string

    document.getElementById("payRedirectMessage").innerHTML = '{$smarty.session.LANG.NEW_WINDOW_FOR_PAYMENT_OPENED}';


    document.getElementById("payRedirectMessage").innerHTML = '{$smarty.session.LANG.NEW_WINDOW_FOR_PAYMENT_OPENED|escape:'javascript'}';
  2. Synchronize the store

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