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Article ID: 129401, created on Sep 12, 2016, last review on Sep 12, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0


History tab is empty at CCP > Cloud Infreastructure > VE > History for a specific VE.


No new VE events occurred within the last 2 months. This is the default hard-coded period for storing VE operation logs. Older events are cleaned up by means of Cleanup PACI event log periodic task.


Since the events were already cleaned up, there is no way to bring them back.

Feature Request ID to allow changing the period for storing VE events is known under ID CCU-13298.

There is a workaround to increase the period for storing VE events manually:

  1. Cancel the Cleanup PACI event log periodic task by going to TOP > Operations > Tasks > Periodic > Pick the task > Press 'Cancel' button.
  2. Add a Linux cron job on the OA Management Node that sends an API request to OACI Instance Manager to clean up VE history. The example of the cron job for 6 months:

    0 0 * * * /usr/bin/curl -u 'admin:$password' "$(date -d@$(($(date +%s)-7776000)) +%Y-%m-%d)%2002%3A10%20%2B0600"

    In the command above, 7776000 is the amount of seconds equal to 3 months. Change it to the required value to alter the period. is the IP address of OACI Instance Manager node.

    $password is the IM 'admin' user password to connect to IM API. In case the password is unknown, contact Odin Technical Support to obtain it.

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