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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation
  • Business Automation

Release Notes

Full release notes for Business Automation version 6.0.9 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • PHP 5.6.x Support for Online Store
  • Support of Tiered Pricing for Overuse Fees for Non-additive Resources

Fixed Issues

Public API

  • PBA-67982 CreateManualOrder_API may set incorrect Tax Category


  • PBA-74704 Automatic renewals of trial subscriptions after update to BA 6.0.7/6.0.8
  • PBA-74404 Incorrect VAT rate for Poland
  • PBA-73469 Add description of buttons on 'Payment Methods' screen
  • PBA-67593 Promotion is not applicable for renewal if subscription limit exceeded
  • PBA-65415 It is possible to get incorrect service plan publication status
  • PBA-60685 Cancellation fee does not accept comma

Control Panel

  • PBA-75389 GetMyCustomersPayTool execution time is too long


  • PBA-75963 Example of using Direct Debit (UK) with 'PlaceOrderAndAuthorize_API' method should be added
  • PBA-75724 PayPal encoding description should be updated
  • PBA-75706 Billing order description should be enhanced
  • PBA-75083 'PlaceSubscriptionCancellationOrder_API' method description should be updated
  • PBA-75043 BA is not available if syslog does not work
  • PBA-75034 'OrderFinDetailsListGet_API' method returns DetailType values that are not documented
  • PBA-74898 'SubscriptionDetailsGetEx_API' method's next billing date description should be updated
  • PBA-74897 'GetSubscrTerminateDate_API' method description should be updated
  • PBA-74552 Linux Shared Hosting Deployment guide should be corrected
  • PBA-74542 Customer-specific container is mentioned in Public API Reference guide
  • PBA-74498 Billing forecast report by resource shows name as "undefined"
  • PBA-74487 Open CC and CVV credit card values in billing logs (PlaceOrderAndAuthorize_API) - PCI DSS Implementation guide for 6.0
  • PBA-74151 Describe how promotion works with recurring fee and BOs
  • PBA-73892 Upgarde guide does not say to sync store after BA on Linux upgrade
  • PBA-73875 'OpenSRS Plug-in Configuration Parameters' section of OpenSRS Plug-in guide should be corrected
  • PBA-73087 Description of 'Signature' field in 'Configuring Event Notification' section should be updated
  • PBA-73067 'Configuring Event Handler' parameter description is missing in documentation
  • PBA-72403 PCI DSS Implementation Guide is required corrections for PA-DSS 3.1
  • PBA-72367 Description of 'TokenForAccountGet_API' API method should be enhanced
  • PBA-72128 'SELinux must be disabled' information should be added to documentation
  • PBA-71961 'AccountAdd_API/UserAdd_API' methods executed under user credentials return UserID
  • PBA-71735 'GetObjAttrListExt_API' method description should be enhanced
  • PBA-71145 Sales report. Unclear "Count" parameter description (New Cnt, Renew. Cnt, Recur. Cnt, Refund Cnt, Other Cnt, Total Cnt)
  • PBA-70242 pa_updates_installer should be run with "--self-update" before pre-check as well
  • PBA-70046 There are some problems for "Service Plan. General Tab" (topic #78425) in Context Help
  • PBA-69621 Add note with description how to enable comparison charts in Online Store
  • PBA-69467 How selector type is chosen for domain plug-ins
  • PBA-67683 'Managing Promotion' description should be updated
  • PBA-67148 Description of 'UpdateObjAttrList_API' method should be enhanced
  • PBA-66822 BA 6.0 Major upgrade fails by dependencies due to installed custom plug-in
  • PBA-57501 'Lang' parameter in API
  • PBA-48617 Documentation explanation of the refund calculated during Service Plan change
  • PBA-47733 Lack of info about UG/DG orders for ABP subscriptions
  • PBA-46793 Fraud Filter Rules 'Run On' option should be described
  • PBA-44728 It is not documented that NULL values are mapped in API as maximum values of selected type
  • PBA-44601 Enabling/disabling Auto Payments changes Customer Class
  • PBA-41391 Add to Fraud Check description: Store General parameter affects its creation
  • PBA-40466 Description of 'Show Priority is not correct in on-screen help
  • PBA-39635 Need to describe "Attach Usage Statistics" option
  • PBA-38893 "Before Subscription Period" and "Recurring Fee" description should be updated
  • PBA-38225 No info about managing brand from OA in Reseller's guide
  • PBA-38129 'Maximum Domain Life Duration' description should be enhanced
  • PBA-38105 Message Category settings description should be enhanced
  • PBA-36893 Online store 'active/inactive' status description should be added
  • PBA-36862 Incorrect 'Suspended' status instead of 'Expired' and 'Stopped' for subscriptions in Hold period in on-screen help
  • PBA-36712 'Set Default For Customer' setting for payment method description should be added
  • PBA-36212 Custom Promotion Period description should be enhanced
  • PBA-35994 Orders cannot be placed when 'configureLocale' runs
  • PBA-35979 Adding of new OF transition instruction should be enhanced
  • PBA-35878 Clarify logic between 'None' and 'Default Resource' options in Resource Category
  • PBA-35570 Resource fees are not changed in subscription upon Unit of Measure change
  • PBA-35066 Subscription/Account on administrative hold lifecycle description
  • PBA-34887 There is no information regarding placeholders
  • PBA-31675 Subscription name is empty while stated otherwise
  • PBA-31502 Describe conditions required for successful Limit Notification sending
  • PBA-28269 Create Help Topic for Search for Accounts screen (00.03.06)
  • PBA-28204 Create Help topic for Payment Log tab ( 01.13.07)
  • PBA-26093 InternetX domain plug-in configuration instruction should be corrected
  • PBA-22331 Billing models: questions about changing subscription expiration date
  • PBA-17169 Description required for configuration and use of TEST_REGISTRAR plug-in
  • PBA-4687 Describe what happens after Credit Terms Hold Period


  • PBA-75025 EPP plug-ins negotiate over TLS 1.0 protocol (TLSv1_CLIENT_METHOD) only
  • PBA-74081 Need to correctly parse limit_exceeded response from INTERNETX
  • PBA-74071 New domain-ext version on EURID since 1 June, 2016

Online Store

  • PBA-74906 CPU frequency in store is shown as MHz instead of GHz


  • PBA-75981 execution description on upgrade should be updated
  • PBA-74657 Empty SKU for Service Plan causes 'CSCKPN.OF_ExportDataToKNPHandler' method failure and this terminates scheduler
  • PBA-74359 Issue with 'INTEGR.GetTaskHandlersForKind' method and event handler
  • PBA-74141 It is possible to assign sales person from other sales branch to account
  • PBA-63802 fails on configuring iptables

Installation Instructions

New Installations:

Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Deployment Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Deployment Guide


Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Upgrade Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Upgrade Guide

Installation Files


It is installed from Operations Automation UI as the server role. For details, see the documentation in "Installation Instructions" above).


Business Automation Application (SHA1: 879f10b16fe1201b1730074651ebe36e )

Business Automation Online Store (SHA1: 7fd95f7287b8d03e3b2004d0accae4bb )

See also: Business Automation 6.0 Updates. Azure CSP configuration.

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