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  • Operations Automation
  • Business Automation

Release Notes

Full release notes for Operations Automation version 6.0.9 can be downloaded here.

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-105409 SDK::GetMailLists::doGetMailLists fails if number of exchange addresses in result is greater than 2000

Messaging Services

  • POA-100940 Updating of recipient emails in Message Labs locks other update operations

Windows Shared Hosting

  • POA-104075 Slow home page rendering in case of many IIS websites
  • POA-86162 Disk usage statistics is collected incorrectly for IIS websites with site-root APS apps
  • POA-101767 Provisioning of site application can make CP unavailable

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-99615 BelgacomDNS KB article contains invalid information
  • POA-104470 Slow CCP home page rendering when subscription has many websites with FileManager
  • POA-98221 FileManager XSS through index.php

VPS Hosting

  • POA-52647 "Disk space usage information" of LinVZ4 HW node is incorrect

Application Packaging Standard

  • APS-37748 Accounts cannot be actualized in parallel, because of lock on 'aps_account_context' table
  • APS-37719 Actualization of account is repeated 24 times if account has SharePoint site
  • APS-37261 'java.lang.NullPointerException' in CCP when disabled subscription is selected under customer and most of CCP tabs are deactivated
  • APS-37248 Sometimes, RT usage redoubles in APS CEP report
  • APS-37075 REST request may fail because of incorrect rollback of OA transaction
  • APS-36648 DNS records of APS resources are linked to old account after subscription migration
  • APS-36407 APS2 Account actualization failed
  • APS-36261 Event notification queue can be overloaded and many events never get processed
  • APS-36186 CORBA/INVALID_TRANSACTION or CORBA/OBJECT_NOT_FOUND error on navigation request in CCP
  • APS-35800 'Propagation of APS 2.0 resources for the account #1' task has failed by timeout. Propagation process is still in progress
  • APS-35560 Performance issues of CloudPBX - slow sub-services list rendering
  • APS-35501 APS 1.2 application and instances pages are opened slowly with >7000 instances
  • POA-105548 Custom Items does not displayed under reseller's customer
  • POA-105187 Deadlocks in OA UI
  • POA-105132 Resource deprovision below limit: documentation should be update
  • POA-104802 No information in Provider's guide about Separate disk space for MySQL and PostgreSQL in ST
  • POA-104395 Root access requirements for NG cluster/standalone webserver should be updated in documentation
  • POA-104339 Content text box disappears if incomplete java script added in 'Edit Help box' screen
  • POA-104113 Description of 'pem.APS.getServiceInstances' method should be updated
  • POA-104110 Disambiguation about installed versions of ASP.NET in WSH deployment guide

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-12993 Need to update the Firewall Configuration Guide according to the HTML5 console requirements
  • CCU-12866 Optimization of "Create VE"
  • CCU-12838 VMs stuck in UI in 'Creation in progress' state while operating fine in DB and IM
  • CCU-12696 No error message in CCP upon backup failure
  • CCU-12690 CPU frequency shows the minimum value while others show the actual value on Configure Hardware screen
  • CCU-12595 Provider does not have possibility to bill disk usage stopped for disabled subscriptions
  • CCU-12527 "Manage DNS zone" caption is not translated to German
  • CCU-12497 Cannot upgrade VPSNG subscription with "This value is out of range" error message
  • CCU-12486 OACI-aps does not reconnect to JMS after network failures
  • CCU-12410 Limits for sliders display inappropriate values when no "local" storage types exists in all OS groups
  • CCU-12110 HA relocation and result in VE duplication


  • POA-104032 Too many bound STs in Customer CP cause slow CCP home page rendering
  • POA-103832 Backup of webspace in NG with status 'Disk quota exceeded' - restore is impossible
  • POA-103807 Description of pem.modifyUser shoud be corrected
  • POA-103806 'Linux Shared Hosting NG Webspaces' section in Subscriber's guide should be replaced
  • POA-103758 Impossible to change web hosting IIS to Apache NG
  • POA-103662 Information about services supported by WPE is not correct
  • POA-103570 Need add additional note in 'Setting Up Web Servers' in Provider's Guide
  • POA-102695 Case-sensitive usernames option in OA system settings
  • POA-102626 It is not described that 'pem.getDNSRecords' method does not return root NS records
  • POA-102577 Incomplete Spanish localization "Add service user" CCP menu
  • POA-101868 'Installation Requirements for SpamAssassin' should be corrected
  • POA-101784 Need to update information about the VPS Hosting Service Template in the Provider's Guide
  • POA-100726 There is no descriprion for parameters of 'pem.setSystemProperty' method
  • POA-99886 2008 R2 is minimum requirement for DC - should be added to Release notes of 6.0
  • POA-99765 DNS tasks racing (PowerDns and BIND)
  • POA-57527 Unnecessary icon in BackupNet should be removed
  • POA-57525 Odin Automation deployment schemes should be simplified
  • POA-57524 Redundant servers should be removed from deployment diagrams
  • POA-57522 Clustered MSSQL nodes are not present on deployment diagrams
  • POA-57180 Output parameters of 'pem.getSubscription' method are not described
  • CCU-13209 Add example for Windows VM in Cloud Infrastructure RESTful API Programmer's Guide
  • POA-99789 OA API documentation for pem.registerSharedNode has no description for roles


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

The update can be downloaded here.

See also: Operations Automation 6.0 Updates.

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