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Customers can not login to Horde webmail. Error Login failed because your username or password was entered incorrectly is shown and the login form is greyed out. The following error can be found on the Horde server in /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/webmail/horde.log:

Feb 10 04:50:29 HORDE [error] [imp] FAILED LOGIN for user@domain.tld [] (forwarded for [yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy]) to { [imap/notls]} [pid 806 on line 139 of "/usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/webmail/webmail/496/imp/lib/Auth/imp.php"]


Possible reasons:

  1. If the issue is in a lab environment, it might be possible that webmail server is not able to resolve the mailserver hostname.
  2. Mail server record for the domain is incorrect. It is defined based on the MX record for the domain, but OA customers are supposed to be using the provider's Qmail server. According to the information in OA mailbox settings the SMTP server should be

    In the webmail package properties for the Horde server in OA there are two settings that manage this behavior:

    Splitting login name into 'login' and 'domain' parts (false/true)   
    Use SMTP and IMAP servers submitted by POA during autologin to webmail (true/false) 

    On Horde server itself this configuration is stored in IMP configuration file /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/webmail/<IMP_instance_ID>/imp/config/conf.php

    $conf['server']['dns_resolve'] = true;
    * If this option is set to true, server and smtphost will be taken
    * from data submitted to imp/redirect.php
    * This option, if set to true, has precedence over dns_resolve.
    $conf['server']['trust_form_data'] = false;


  1. If the webmail server is not able to resolve the mailserver, map the IP address of the mailserver in /etc/hosts file on the webmail server and repeat the login attempt.

  2. Change parameters in /usr/local/pem/sysvhosts/webmail/<IMP_instance_ID>/imp/config/conf.php on the Horde server to:

    $conf['server']['dns_resolve'] = false;


    $conf['server']['trust_form_data'] = true;

    So that OA will post information on which SMTP server should be used to the webmail. Restart pemhttpd service on the Horde server to apply the changes.

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