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Article ID: 129350, created on Aug 30, 2016, last review on Aug 30, 2016


When importing configuration file using CONFSYNC functionality there might be an issue with resources mapping.
Related JIRA Issue ID: PBA-63672


While trying to map resource "DNS hosting" using CONFSYNC wizard an error is shown:

Cannot map child resource #1000151 'DNS management' of #1000150 'DNS hosting'


The cause of this issue is inconsistency in databases of source and destination installations.
Mismatch in the names of corresponding resource types leads to the described error.


Note:When synching configuration from source to destination installation please be aware that the names of the child resource types in OA should match on both installations.
In case of 'DNS Management' resource type the correct name should be with capital letters: 'DNS Management'
To avoid this issue use workaround:

  1. Figure out the id of resource type causing the problem (id in error text is the id of resource type from source installation)
  2. Verify that on destination installation resource type 'DNS Management' has correct name
  3. Perform update in source OA DB:

    UPDATE resource_types SET restype_name = 'DNS Management' WHERE rt_id = <id of resource type>;
  4. Export configuration from source installation
  5. Perform import and resource mapping

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