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Article ID: 129337, created on Aug 27, 2016, last review on Aug 27, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


How to make a new TLD to be available when adding a domain registration to a subscription?


The below pages of OBAS Provider's Guide explain the matter.

Top Level Domains Assignment:

In a few words, the scheme of TLDs assignment in Odin Business Automation Standard is the following:

    1. Go to Service Director > Domain Manager > Plug-Ins.
    2. Select a plug-in.
    3. Select the Prices tab from a plug-in settings.

    Note: For plug-ins that support the online prices update, the Update Prices button is shown below the list of TLDs. You can click this button and get the prices online. For other plug-ins you must know out the actual registrar prices and enter them manually.

    4. Click the New TLD button.
    5. Enter a new TLD name and select a plug-in (i.e., a registrar). (Select a plug-in you want to add TLD(s) for. Click Next.
    6. Specify the conditions of domains registration. Click Update.

    Note: You can add the same TLD(s) to several Registrars and then select an active registrar in hosting plan settings.

For the registrars that do not support the online prices update it is only possible to manually enter your retail prices:

Contact a Registrar and know out the prices. Then go to Operations Director > Domain Manager > Plugins, select the plug-in and then select the Prices tab. Click on the TLD name and type your own retail prices.

Activating and Configuring TLDs Per Hosting Plan:

You can activate and set the TLD prices for a Hosting Plan under the TLD Settings tab.

On the TLD Settings page you can see a list of the configured TLDs assigned to more than one domain registration plug-in. If any of these conditions is not satisfied, a TLD is not displayed in the TLD list.

To configure and activate a TLD

    1. Click on the TLD name or select the checkbox near it and press Configure TLDs.
    2 .On the opened screen check the Use <TLD> to register/transfer new <.tld> domains option to activate it.
    3. Set your prices to be offered at your online store to domain enable registration/transfer.
    4. Press Save to submit the data.

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