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Article ID: 129304, created on Aug 23, 2016, last review on Aug 23, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4


"Set quota for apache user <USER> domain service with id <SERVICE_ID> webspace id <WEBSPACE_ID>" task failed with the following error:

   Destination host 'ngwsl01.provider.tld' (#<ID>), IP '<BACKNET_IP>' : Quota error: Set quota operation has been failed: Connection refused (-111)


    Destination host 'ngwsl01.provider.tld' (#<ID>), IP '<BACKNET_IP>' : Quota error: Set quota operation has been failed (code: -111)

During the task execution quota is set for a user on NFS share. NG web server can not connect to NFS via RPC:

Aug  9 00:33:44 ngwsl01.provider.tld : DBG [task:11492045:639848 2642:1851:b4389b70 pleskd]: [task:11492045 DSC::RpcQuotaManager::do_setQuota] RPC set quota (<NFS_BACKNET_IP>, /vol/<NFS_SHARE>/data); UID: 128426 QTYPE: 0


  1. Connection from NG web server to NFS via port 2049 fails:

    [root@ngwsl01 ~]# telnet <NFS_BACKNET_IP> 2049
    Trying <NFS_BACKNET_IP>...
    telnet: connect to address <NFS_BACKNET_IP>: Connection refused
  2. DNS issue or misconfiguration on NFS/storage nodes.

  3. Incorrect configuration in the /etc/hosts.deny file.


  1. Tune network settings and allow connection to NFS from NG web server on port 2049.
  2. Make sure that NG nodes' DNS hostnames are resolved from NFS/Storage nodes. If not, manually add them in /etc/hosts on the NFS/Storage nodes.
  3. Check the /etc/hosts.deny file. The file containing the following data:

    sshd: ALL
    rquotad : ALL

    means that it is not possible to set quota via RPC calls.

    To fix it, comment out the rquotad deny entry in /etc/hosts.deny and try to resumbit the task.

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