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A VE is shown as 'Creating in progress' in CCP during provisioning, but some time later it gets deleted.

There is an OA failed task related to the VE creation:

Task name   Notify the user after creating the server
Last execution output   
Error creating VE Example for account 1010101: Error information: CREATION_FAILED internal error code 80041201 cluster node im1 error timestamp 2013-12-27 09:31:55.671501+08

The following error can be found in /var/log/IM/PACI-vm2vf.log with regards to the VE provisioning process:

2013-12-27 09:31:55,651 ERROR NativeVm2VfCode [Thread-2227810] - [?:1923142] clonevm_finished(__create_ve_cb, create.c, 677): failure: PRL_ERR_CHANGESID_GUEST_TOOLS_NOT_AVAILABLE


Guest Tools are not installed inside the OS template, used for VE provisioning.

To confirm the cause, the following stepd can be taken:

  1. On the Virtuozzo hardware node, create a test VM based on the same template:

    # prlctl create test --ostemplate WindowsServer2008R2Std_x64
    Creating the VM on the basis of the WindowsServer2008R2Std_x64 template...
    Clone the WindowsServer2008R2Std_x64 VM to VM test...
    Operation progress 100%
    The VM has been successfully cloned.
  2. Start the VM, wait for ~5 minutes:

    # prlctl start win2k8r2test
    Starting the VM...
    The VM has been successfully started.
  3. Try to enter the VM:

    # prlctl enter win2k8r2test
    Unable to open new session in this virtual machine. Make sure the latest version of Parallels Tools is installed in this virtual machine and it has finished booting.

This error shows the absence or issues with Guest Tools in the VM.


Make sure Guest Tools are operable in the template. Perform troubleshooting on the side of Virtuozzo:

Guest Tools Troubleshooting

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