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Virtuozzo VPS (non OACI based) Create/Remove Backup tasks fail with the following error:

404 : System errors : unauthorized request


Possible causes listed below:

  1. Virtuozzo license is expired on the hardware node.

  2. The hardware node is unable to connect to the License server:

    # telnet 5224
    telnet: Temporary failure in name resolution Host name lookup failure
  3. Incorrect password or expired login on the hardware node.


  1. Install a valid Virtuozzo license onto the hardware node.

  2. Fix the DNS/network problem on the hardware node.

  3. Check the PVA agent log /var/log/pva/agent/<date>-vzagent.log on the Virtuozzo backup hardware node to verify the issue, it should contain something like:

    T=12:10:39:433; L=(dbg); PID=48657; TID=7ffb25933740; P=VZLLogDBLocal [dropFailedLogin] events about a login failure are dropped
    T=12:10:39:435; L=(wrn); PID=48617; TID=7ffb25933740; P=VZLControl [getLoginFailureResponse] [VZL::VZLMessage* VZL::getLoginFailureResponse(VZL::VZLMessage*, const VZL::VZLMessage&)] System errors : unauthorized request

    This means that the root/administrator password of the Virtuozzo hardware node does not match the one set from OA side, and the backup server cannot authenticate with this password to the Virtuozzo hardware node. Most probably the password was changed manually on the hardware node side.

    To resolve this, revert the password on the hardware node to be the same as in OA.

    If you need to change the hardware node password, do it from OA side: go to Services > Cloud Infrastructure > VPS Hardware Nodes in OA Provider Control Panel, select the needed node using the checkbox in the leftmost column and change the password using the Change Administrator Password button.

After the resolution is applied, rerun the failed task.

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