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Article ID: 129099, created on Jul 8, 2016, last review on Sep 11, 2017

This article contains the BM_ProvisioningParams.xml and script.js customization files which must be used during the deployment of the Office 365 16.8 and Azure CSP 3.1-3.2 Applications. These files must be applied on your Odin Automation billing Application Server to configure the subdomain form.


  • Before applying the customizations, make sure that the version of the Application used on your installation belongs to the version stated in the KB article. To view the version of the Application, log in to your control panel and go to Services > Applications.
  • These customizations require Odin Automation 7.0.
  • The list of customization files for all versions of the Office 365 and Azure CSP Applications is provided in the KB article

To learm more about the subdomain form, see the following sections:


This article also contains the localization files for nine languages supported in Odin Automation billing. These localization files can be applied for Subdomain Form. To do it, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the appropriate localizaton file(s):

  2. Copy files in the /usr/local/bm/conf/locale directory in the Odin Automation billing Application Server.
  3. Execute the service pba restart command.

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