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Article ID: 128897, created on May 31, 2016, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0
  • Operations Automation 5.4
  • Business Automation 6.0

Release Notes

Full release notes for Business Automation version 6.0.8 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Adoption of EU VAT Changes of 01-Jan-2016

Fixed Issues


  • PBA-72708 Some currencies supported by PayPalExpress are not supported by BA plug-in.
  • PBA-66384 BA tries to charge credit card even after it was deleted.


  • PBA-71781 Restoring cancelled 'Charge After Billing Period' subscription fails.
  • PBA-70935 Non-optimized select during execution of bSubscription::processSubscrPassedTerminateDate.
  • PBA-70898 Optional (not purchased) resources are added to Renewal Order if option "Show Zero Price" is enabled for its recurring fee.
  • PBA-70445 Select from "AccAttr" by ObjId and AttributeType could be very slow on big table.
  • PBA-68279 Sales Person and Sales Branch for account are not validated.


  • PBA-66550 OpenSRS registrar can be broken after upgrade.


  • PBA-58564 Default renewal period is not displayed for delegated service plans.

Online Store

  • PBA-72491 VPS store invoice shows resources randomly.


  • PBA-67320 Not possible to place orders without ACCOUNTS_CREATE_MODIFY.


  • PBA-67666 Wrong currency is displayed in plan creation wizards.
  • PBA-66503 Sometimes BA restart is required to update user privileges.


  • PBA-71803 Add localization for screen description of BM_GetCDBTerms.
  • PBA-71087 Assist asynchronous notifications.
  • PBA-70810 Using network shares for Requests & Reports files location is not supported in AlbanyBACS plug-in for Linux BA.
  • PBA-69775 Composite resources must not be controlled by billing.
  • PBA-57472 Subscription service parameters as recipients placeholders.
  • PBA-52593 'Max Relogin Attempts' description should be corrected.
  • PBA-48338 No clear description of connection between Resource Categories and Resource Rates with respect to "Show in store/CP".
  • PBA-46696 Insufficient information regarding Sales Person assignment for billing order and sales order.
  • PBA-45089 ShowZeroPrice option for fees is not described clearly.
  • PBA-39498 Special characters should be used with backslash in notification templates.
  • PBA-38725 License notification description is absent.
  • PBA-37023 Official site for UPG.
  • PBA-36291 No information on ability to specify several e-mail addresses in "To" field for notifications.
  • PBA-35759 Using placeholder with three "@" in notification template.
  • PBA-34661 [Help] Confusing text in Help article: 'Customer Class General Tab'.
  • PBA-31885 CCV code is required by AuthorizeNET plug-in for second payment.
  • PBA-31479 Cannot cancel batch until it is closed.
  • PBA-28086 [Help] Reseller in status 'Not Initialized' - description of status should be extended.


  • PBA-71644 Terms and Conditions are not shown on resource downgrade.
  • PBA-39854 It is possible to delete Sales Branch and Sales Persons used with accounts.

Installation Instructions

New Installations:

Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Deployment Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Deployment Guide


Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Upgrade Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Upgrade Guide

Installation Files


It is installed from Operations Automation UI as the server role. For details, see the documentation in "Installation Instructions" above).


Business Automation Application (SHA1: 3ba84ce89cb354c8497d6209233bfa1e)

Business Automation Online Store (SHA1: 2329bded430cbbe88f3110f333ed7e69)

See also: Business Automation 6.0 Updates. Azure CSP configuration.

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