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Article ID: 128871, created on May 26, 2016, last review on Jun 14, 2016

Migration to a new version

MyLittleAdmin 2.7.x service is not supported beginning from Odin Automation Premium 7.0 and it will be removed during the upgrade to Odin Automation Premium 7.0.

To migrate the existing installation of myLittleAdmin Full Edition version 2.7 to myLittleAdmin version 3.8, perform the following actions:

  1. Log on to Provider's Control Panel and uninstall the myLittleAdmin service package (type: service; package version: 2.7.x) from all hosts where it's installed.

    Note: The ASPImpersonationAssistant (type: other) package can also be uninstalled if it is not used by other packages installed on the host.

  2. On the required Windows host, install the myLittleAdminFullVersion service package (type: service; package version: 3.7.x) using the instructions from the Installing myLittleAdmin for MS SQL Server guide.
  3. After the installation make sure that myLittleAdmin is working properly using the steps below:

    1) Find a subscription with MSSQL Database Hosting service or create a new one

    2) Login to CCP under this subscription

    3) Go to More Services > Database Hosting

    4) Try to open a link to myLittleAdmin panel


If removing myLittleAdmin 2.7.x service fails and you see a failed (rescheduled) task "Removing myLittleAdmin service" in the Task Log in OA PCP with an error like "Provisioning request failed. Call of method "Registry Provider::DeleteRegKey" failed", do the following:

1) Login to IIS Hosting node with administrator rights.

2) Press Win+R and type 'regedit' in the opened window, then press Enter.

3) If a message box "Allow this program to make changes..." appears, press OK on it. A Windows Registry Editor will then open.

4) In case of 64bit Windows OS, open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > SWsoft > PEM subtree on the left in the Registry Editor window. In case of 32bit Windows OS, open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SWsoft > PEM.

5) Click with right mouse button on the myLittleAdmin key in the opened subtree. Select Permissions... option in the opened context menu.

6) Press Add in the opened window. A "Select Users..." dialog window will appear. Press Advanced... button in it.

7) You can be asked for the local administrator account credentials. Enter them into the opened dialog window and press Enter. An extended "Select Users..." window will appear.

8) Press Find now button. A list of all available users and groups will appear below the button.

9) Find "Domain Admins" group in the list and double-click on it. An extended "Select Users..." window will hide and you will see "Domain Admins" group added to the input in the "Select Users..." window. Press OK in it.

10) You will see "Domain Admins" group added into the "Permissions" window. Select it in the list and check Full Control permission below in the Allow column. Press Apply, then OK.

11) Restart Windows on the IIS Hosting node.

12) Restart the failed (rescheduled) task "Removing myLittleAdmin service" in the Task Log in the OA PCP.

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