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Key Notes

  • New server for AWStats is deployed. The new AWStats service will have new domain (like Also this new domain will have new public IP address. After migration, customers will have new assess point to their AWSstats control panel.
  • Location of CustomerData folder is the same on both servers.
  • The migration procedure is supposed to be run on a single AWStats node. In case of several AWStats nodes in the infrastructure, contact Odin Technical Support for assistance.


  1. Deploy new Windows Server 2012 R2 for AWStats service according to the Installing AWStats Web Statistics section of the Windows Shared Hosting Deployment guide. Make sure that location of the CustomerData folder is the same on the both servers.
  2. Copy content of the CustomerData\AWStat\statdata directory from the source server to the new one.
  3. Copy AWSstata configs form the source server to the new one:
    • awstats.srv.cfg
    • wwwroot\cgi-bin\awstats.*.conf
    • wwwroot\cgi-bin\awstats.auth
    • wwwroot\cgi-bin\awstats.conf.pre
  4. Upload the migration script to the Management Node.
  5. Run the script on the node:


    C:\Python27\python.exe --source-id=<source_host_id> --target-id=<target_host_id>


    python --source-id=<source_host_id> --target-id=<target_host_id>


        <source_host_id> – Host ID of the source Windows Server
        <target_host_id> – Host ID of the destination Windows Server

    For example:

        C:\Python27\python --source-id=5 --target-id=14
  6. Remove the old AWStats server.
  7. Follow the instructions from the following article to address a known post-migration issue with logparser configuration.
  8. In case the new AWStats server has ActivePerl version >5.10, apply the patch from the following article to avoid missing statistics for site aliases.


To switch back AWStats to the old node run the migration sctipt with reverted parameters:

python --source-id=<target_host_id> --target-id=<source_host_id>

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