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  • Plesk Automation 11.5


How to manage WHMCS configurable options?


Configurable options are the WHMCS mechanism that allows you to give your clients variables which alter the price of a product. If the product is associated with a certain configurable options group, customers (when subscribing to the product through the store) are able to add a certain option from that group to their subscription.

PA uses this mechanism to allow your customers customizing subscription's hosting settings when purchasing a product. For example, customers are able to buy a dedicated IP address instead of the shared one provided by the product or purchase any amount of additional disk space.

When you install the PA WHMCS module, it automatically adds the following configurable options groups:

  • General Options

    These are options that are available for all types subscriptions regardless of the services they provide. For example, a number of additional domains.

  • Hosting Options

    These are options that a customer can add to the purchased hosting service: additional disk space, mailboxes, dedicated IP address, and so on.

  • Windows Hosting Options

    These are hosting options available only on Windows platforms: additional CPU usage limit, a number of additional MS SQL databases, and so on.

All options in the groups are predefined and you cannot add, remove them, or change their names.

To set the price for a certain configurable option:

  1. Log in to WHMCS as the administrator.

  2. Open a certain option group for editing in Setup > Products/Services > Configurable Options.

  3. Edit the option. For more information about editing configurable options, refer to the official WHMCS Documentation.

Note: We do not recommend to change configurable option names, because PA module for WHMCS works with particular, hard-coded option names and incorrect option name could affect PA and WHMCS integration.

For additional information please check : Integrating Plesk Automation 11.5 with WHMCS

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