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Article ID: 128538, created on Mar 10, 2016, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0
  • Business Automation 6.0

Release Notes

Full release notes for Business Automation version 6.0.7 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Delayed Processing of Orders with Downgrade Items
  • Configuring Resource Conflicts on Account Level
  • Switching On or Off Domain Subscription Auto-Renewal Option via API
  • Changing Domain Name Servers via API
  • Putting Subscriptions On and Releasing Them From Credit or Administrative Hold via API
  • Billing Data Export Enhancements
  • Login to Customer CP from Online Store by Link
  • Disabled HTML Filtering for Notification Templates
  • Parallelized Daily Billing
  • API: GetOrder_API (enhanced)
  • API: GetPromotionDetails_API (new)
  • API: OrderByStatusListGet_API (enhanced)
  • API: OrderFinDetailsListGet_API (enhanced)
  • API: SubscriptionDetailsGetEx_API (enhanced)
  • API: SubscriptionPutOnAdmHold_API (new)
  • API: SubscriptionPutOnCreditHold_API (new)
  • API: SubscriptionSetAutoRenewType_API (new)
  • API: SubscriptionTakeFromAdmHold_API (new)
  • API: SubscriptionTakeFromCreditHold_API (new)
  • API: UpdateNameServers_API (new)

Fixed Issues


  • PBA-69007 Not possible to compile custom plugins.


  • PBA-69462 One Time Promo Code works incorrectly for Discounts.
  • PBA-69460 Discount selection in Business Automation is not optimal.
  • PBA-69247 Possibility to hide/unhide common upgrade wizard for VPS resources.
  • PBA-67689 Reduce granularity of billing objects updates.
  • PBA-66014 Incorrect refund period is calculated during resource downgrade after subscription renewal.
  • PBA-65855 AccountWithIDAdd_API: ERROR: null value in column "Type" violates not-null constraint.
  • PBA-49026 Release of expired subscription from Credit Hold changes its Service Status to Running.

Operations Automation Integration

  • PBA-68457 Error "Upgrade Service Failed(error auto handler): operation with NULL string value (right operand)" instead of actual error message.
  • PBA-67447 Business Automation does not autoprovide Operations Automation resources during subscription synchronization.


  • PBA-70156 Correct SubscriptionStatusUpdate_API description.
  • PBA-70046 [Help] There are some problems for "Service Plan. General Tab" (topic #78425) in Context Help.
  • PBA-70302 PEM-based resources usage is not reset if subscription is based on non-PEMGATE-based Service Template.
  • PBA-69824 Billing: incorrect instruction for configure Online Store Synchronization Settings.
  • PBA-68727 Discounted plans description.
  • PBA-68664 applyPromo is absent from examples of PlacePlanPeriodSwitchOrder_API.
  • PBA-68532 Incorrect description for 'External Provisioning Template' field.
  • PBA-68334 Provide clear description of the 'After Field' option for attributes.
  • PBA-68269 Add Description to the 'AccountPutOnAdmHold_API' method.
  • PBA-68088 Extend Information about ST parameters in Business Automation documentation.
  • PBA-67991 Add details about resource discounts.
  • PBA-67828 Not valid 'PBA_SECRET' constant is used in Business Automation Provider's guide.
  • PBA-67663 Change plug-in installation instruction in Business Automation Domain Plug-In SDK.
  • PBA-67584 Fake reseller description.
  • PBA-67420 [Help] Promotion by parent plan is described incorrect in on-screen help.
  • PBA-67273 Operations Automation-Business Automation Integration User's guide: specific instructions for Linux / Windows are needed.
  • PBA-67136 Meaning of redirect URL and return URL are not clear described.
  • PBA-60050 It is possible to edit in CCP order attributes with option 'Propagate to Subscription'.
  • PBA-53705 [Help] Incorrect DetailList placeholder description.
  • PBA-48049 Traffic resource is not reset on Billing Date.
  • PBA-47977 [Help] More Clear description of Technical, Billing and Administrative Contacts in documentation.
  • PBA-46104 Disk Space increment in Online Store on OACI screen.
  • PBA-45535 PCP Sales Categories > Store Features missing in documentation.
  • PBA-45232 Need to state that signature in event handler settings is case sensitive.
  • PBA-44487 Using custom libraries for Custom Domain Plugin development.
  • PBA-40450 "Auto Apply Credits" description is not totally correct.
  • PBA-40070 User_Token is not explained in documentation.
  • PBA-39747 [Help] Describe the difference between 'Credit Hold' and 'Administrative Hold'.
  • PBA-39420 -w key is missed in localization script description in Provider's guide.
  • PBA-34246 [Help] "Is Archivable" attribute is not described in Help.
  • PBA-34245 [Help] "Orders Archive Interval" is not described in Help.
  • PBA-33957 [Help] PASS_WITHOU_*** options should not be set to all screens of any scenario.
  • PBA-32097 [Help] Describe how license is processed if subscription or license is terminated.
  • PBA-31231 Part of resource usage statistics is lost if subscription billing period exceeds 2 months (with default Operations Automation settings).
  • PBA-29887 [Help] Describe how Show Zero Price and 'Included Amount" options affect Order Details.
  • PBA-29407 [Help] Describe "Bill this Account" button in Help more specifically.
  • PBA-28365 Describe STRASCII parameter; remove IPADDR parameter of Service Template from documentation.
  • PBA-28151 [Help] Inaccurate description in Resource General Tab article.
  • PBA-21482 It is implicit that reset can be used only if certify is failed.
  • PBA-12258 Describe reports.
  • PBA-71325 Add list of BA-related OS services into PCI Implementation Guide.
  • PBA-71317 Update Versioning Methodology in PCI Implementation Guide.
  • PBA-68496 No information about measurable resources during plan switch.


  • PBA-66504 CERTGLOBALSIGN passed incorrect ProductCode for SSL Certificates with SHA - 256 Hashing Algorithm.


  • PBA-68122 VAT number is not passed for .lv domains via InterNetX plug-in.
  • PBA-65710 Issue Summary: Change WEBNIC to use HTTPS.

Online Store

  • PBA-44371 Select CPU frequency for OACI servers in Online Store.
  • PBA-69907 Incorrect total price shown on VPS screen.
  • PBA-69782 Global promotion for VPS products with "PERIOD_PRICE_CALC_TYPE" set to "auto" cause blank screen on plans in Online store
  • PBA-66954 Price for selected OACI configuration in Online store is not recalculated on tax zone change


  • PBA-67666 Wrong currency is displayed in plan creation wizards.
  • PBA-67635 "Details method is not defined" after page refresh during order placing.


  • PBA-70177 Tornado Discounts assignment enters infinite loop.
  • PBA-67818 Sales Orders created in Business Automation have missing order items for its subscription if additional resources were purchased together.
  • PBA-58522 Total amount in Sales report is incorrect.

Installation Instructions

New Installations:

Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Deployment Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Deployment Guide


Business Automation 6.0 for Linux Upgrade Guide

Business Automation 6.0 for Windows Upgrade Guide

Installation Files


It is installed from Operations Automation UI as the server role. For details, see the documentation in "Installation Instructions" above).


Business Automation Application (SHA1: 396781794da84bca6e879e318183a238ecf364d4)

Business Automation Online Store (SHA1: 0277e1c269c66a0a3eef1459aaa7d9a4cf880101)

See also: Business Automation 6.0 Updates. Azure CSP configuration.

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