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Article ID: 128537, created on Mar 10, 2016, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0

Release Notes

Full release notes for Operations Automation version 6.0.7 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Support of Plesk 12.5 in VPS Hosting

Fixed Issues

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-100131 "Initialize mailbox with E-Mail Address" fails: "Unable to set default mailbox language and time zone.".
  • POA-99464 WPE script SetupExchangeEnvironment.ps1 sets too big value for OABGeneratorWorkCycle and OABGeneratorWorkCycleCheckpoint.
  • POA-99095 Task "Protect Calendar folder for mailbox" will fail with error: "There is no mailbox with identifier XXXXX." if user deletes mailbox before this task is processed.
  • POA-96333 Error "The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure" during PF creation.

Linux Mail Hosting

  • POA-100531 Weak ciphers must be disabled on Dovecot pop3d/imapd.
  • POA-100530 SSLv3 must be disabled on Dovecot pop3d/imapd due to [CVE-2014-3566] vulnerability.

Windows Shared Hosting

  • POA-98633 Webspace users were not included into IISCustomerDatsUsers group during upgrade of OA 5.5 -> 6.0.
  • POA-96806 WebFileManager cannot display and manage access permissions of files with non-latin characters.
  • POA-91958 WebFileManager (Win) - After revoking of "Write" permission from anonymous users on PHP file via File Manager PHP script requires authentication.
  • POA-86162 Disk usage statistics is collected incorrectly for IIS websites with site-root APS apps.

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-99740 Need to provide new strict logic for LSH webspace selecting in Public API method pem.addDomain.
  • POA-99267 ProFTPd certificate file is replaced by default during Operations Automation update.
  • POA-98891 Domain parking provisioning use "unstable" algorithm to assign DNS records to parked domain.
  • POA-98566 CGI do not work if subresource 'Memory consumption limit' value is set to more than 2097151 Kb in subscription.
  • POA-97913 "Dump webspace data to redis" task failed due transaction timeout.
  • POA-94445 Task "Update list of Apache service extensions for service with ID" fails with error "value too long for type character varying(64)".

VPS Hosting

  • POA-99465 OA tries to remove last NS record from domain during adding hosting.
  • POA-98129 Service controller PleskBridge is crashed.

Application Packaging Standard

  • APS-31913 Session management logout request fails with NO_PERMISSION.
  • APS-31900 Questionable relation from Domain Service to Subscription Service.
  • APS-31495 APSC uses SSLv2 by default on RHEL5 MN, but it's not supported by UpsellAPI.
  • APS-31452 APS DB statement timeout does not work if transaction was rolled back within current session.
  • APS-31413 Applications with different IDs but same name are joined in same series.
  • APS-31312 APSC transaction was not committed together with Operations Automation transaction.
  • APS-31014 RQL operator IN fails when used with property of linked resource.
  • APS-30983 APS2 UI is adding 'implementing' condition even when it is present in query already.
  • APS-30933 'type' property is missed for some accounts created in version 5.5.
  • APS-30852 Broken application instance prevents removal of another instance in subscription.
  • APS-30849 APSC request timeout is too long and should be configurable.
  • APS-30846 RCP login is slow for Reseller if 'APS placeholders in provider panel' property is enabled.
  • APS-30815 Verification script can use wrong application instance in SU wizard.
  • APS-30692 apsType should not be added to RQL while calling custom methods.
  • APS-30167 Registry::Impl::getPermissionsByActorType() fetches lots of data under application impersonated as provider.
  • APS-30105 "Propagation of APS 2.0 resources for the account" task failed.
  • APS-29941 Incorrect DB query leads to an attempt to remove DBs that belong to other applications.
  • APS-29625 Applications TAB for SaaS applications is present although all 1.2 apps are to be shown in navigation menu, when there 'service link' RT to APS 2 application without custom UI.
  • APS-29546 Propagation fails with error 'No @ at address' when mailbox has no email address.
  • APS-29530 CP/CCP was down because Propagation task locked account.
  • APS-29487 Incorrect error in CCP when attempt to change user's password for database connected with site application.
  • APS-29381 APS 2 propagation fails if there is duplicate domain record.
  • APS-29191 Custom UI request fails in Brand because of incorrect URL, when APSC replies '301 Moved Permanently'.
  • APS-29183 Service is unbound from SU when switching aps resource from one user to another, even if first user still has another resource of the same type.
  • APS-28236 APS2 propagation fails because RDBMS cannot retrieve large number of DNS record resources – connection reset by peer error.
  • APS-22460 "Install skin package" task should be restartable.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-12341 Could not invoke Ctrl+Alt+Del in VE Console.
  • CCU-12339 VPS Upgrade orders never fails, even if IM responds with error.
  • CCU-12109 Change CPU autoscale limits from maxcores to currentcores.
  • CCU-12087 Scheduled backups are being recreated all the time.
  • CCU-12046 Errors on timeout of "Set password" procedure.
  • CCU-12041 OACI APS scheduled backup fails with "There is no space in subscription for creating backup for VE".
  • CCU-12030 ReverseDNS not created for IPv6.
  • CCU-12342 ve_backup table infinitely grows while subscription is disabled.
  • CCU-12289 Customer can add backup schedule in CCP with error even with limit 0.
  • CCU-12200 Templates delivery goes between nodes in different locations.
  • CCU-12162 OACI VPS creates and allocates additional IPv4 address although resource limit is 1.
  • CCU-12102 SQL optimization for HistoryCleanupRequest job is needed.
  • CCU-11988 Collecting records for CPU usage from Virtuozzo exceed 100%.


  • POA-100447 Issue Summary: Describe changes to pem.addServiceTemplate.
  • POA-100149 Documentation about Account Management Active Directory Plug-in should be removed.
  • POA-100898 Deployment instructions for Web File Manager on IIS should be updated.
  • POA-99648 Information that MySQL versions 5.0 - 5.5 only are supported for MySQL DB Server should be added to Linux Mail Hosting Deployment guide.
  • POA-99390 Multiple errors after: logically deleted domains don't deleted physically upon finishing task "Update named ...".
  • POA-99386 Cannot deprovision VPS because of missing DNS resource record.
  • POA-99329 Include option in "pem.addServiceTemplate" API to enable/disable account_wide_services for service template.
  • POA-99173 Documentation bug "pem.ProFTPD.getCustomFTPUsersList".
  • POA-98868 Invalid state name after pem.addAccount call.
  • POA-98773 Change status 'Done' to 'Finished' for VPS migration task.
  • POA-98742 PAU script is dependent on environment locale.
  • POA-98569 Keeping alt-php54 and higher versions up to date.
  • POA-98568 Tasks "Collect databases diskspace usage for service" and/or "Lock database user" could occupy whole TaskManager.
  • POA-98421 Install service-WindowsProvisioningEngine-5.5.168 package failed: No elements found via xpath /configuration/connectionStrings/add[@name='wpeConnectionString']/@connectionString.
  • POA-98407 Add to NG Webhost deployment documentation information about 'rquotad'.
  • POA-98069 Supported Account-Wide services description should be updated.
  • POA-97990 Describe Plesk 11.5 and 12.0 in VPS Hosting on Windows in Deployment Guide.
  • POA-97712 Extend information on IPv6 network interface functionality.
  • POA-97542 UI logs rotation algorithm has bug.
  • POA-96902 Account can be removed in Operations Automation even with domain still attached.
  • POA-96816 There is no on-screen help for Web FileManager (elFinder).
  • POA-95684 Unable to set Password Expiration Policy.
  • POA-94956 Incorrect symbol in NS record is not checked by validator.
  • POA-94435 Thread unsafe code in ExSystemHandler could cause 100% CPU utilization of UI service.
  • POA-93671 MX record containing non-ASCII character cause fail to load zone on nameserver.
  • POA-93477 IDN domain names not translated into punycode in CNAME records.
  • POA-92985 Unforeseen error on HW nodes search by Platform field.
  • POA-92607 Web file manager fails to fetch or update permission when webspace FTP password has % sign.
  • POA-91721 It should be mentioned in documentation that limits for Diskspace, CPU, and RAM in the OACI Service Template should be non-zero.
  • POA-80224 Extend information about daily/weekly backups in Operations Automation documentation.
  • POA-80169 Clarify procedure in Linux Mail Hosting Deployment Guide.
  • POA-60797 No info about checkbox "Restart selected task(s)" when change migration start date.
  • CCU-12257 Number of Incremental Backups should be described.
  • CCU-12167 Methods exec and put for VE should be documented.
  • CCU-12159 It is not mentioned in documentation that VMs can have only one HDD to be registered in OACI.
  • CCU-12457 Need to add points for traffic service plan configuration - additive and measurable resources.

Plesk in VPS

  • PVPS-1332 Wrong name for application – "Parallels Plesk Panel".
  • PVPS-1327 Encoding for Plesk configuration parameters is broken if cyrillic symbols are used when registering a customer.


All required system updates can be easily installed through the pa_updates_installer (see the instructions).

The update can be downloaded here.

See also: Operations Automation 6.0 Updates.

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