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Article ID: 128298, created on Feb 11, 2016, last review on Oct 15, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Plesk Automation 11.5


This article provides information about upcoming Plesk Automation (v. 11.5 and v. 11.6) updates and issue fixes Odin Development Team is going to include into it.

Please note, that official release notes can have significant difference with this article. There could be several reasons to include into update release another issues/features different from provided here, for example:

  • Another previously low-priority issue became important and affects significant number of customers
  • New serious issue was revealed, etc.

Information provided here cannot be considered as any kind of commitment.

We provide it as a reference to keep Plesk Automation users informed.

Current actual update version is MU 23. Please refer to the release notes.

Upcoming updates

Plesk Automation 11.5 MU 24

PPA-1011 Migrate Linux centralized DB for Windows servers
PPA-2581    Cannot download big files in CCP Files tab on Windows subscriptions
PPA-2621 Cannot login to wordpress administrative interface with enabled preferred domain www.domain.tld
PPA-2718    Unable to create webspace on IIS 7.x:  Unknown cipher in list: TLSv1
PPA-2725 File manager operations on IIS 8.5 node fail from time to time if libcurl uses nss SSL engine
PPA-3092 Cannot configure two SmarterMail service nodes.
PPA-3101 Need to forbid upgrade of Plesk packages on service node to Plesk 12 and later versions
PPA-3108 Incorrect location for Attributes page in Operations Guide
PPA-3118 Statistic calculation does not work for additional SmarterMail nodes in case of 2 or more service nodes are deployed in PA 11.5
PPA-3129 After system user name change on two subscriptions on one apache node simultaneously, apache config corrupted.
PPA-3154 Databases are not restored in case if admin password contains special symbols
PPA-3166    [feature] Research limitations related to migration of MySQL database from Win to Lin and vice versa
PPA-3208 Need to describe for migration from Helm 3 why migrated subscriptions are named as '.package'
PPA-3217 ODBC DSN connections aren't restored from backup
PPA-3254 Customer cannot create domain with name part of dns zone of nameserver
PPA-3256 Customer cannot move subscriptions between accounts if subscription is hosted on dedicated IP address.
PPA-3297    WHMCS module gets all subscriptions for current account to make login link for single subscription
PPA-3308    Need to explicitly document that branded DNS servers can't be set for admin's domains by deisgn
PPA-3316 Skin path traversal vulnerability in Roundcube before 1.1.4
PPA-3354 PA does not remove db entries in case of provisioning fail and webspace was removed from PA.
PPA-3356 ppa.ip_address utility does not update IP for SmarterMail node.
PPA-3360 Subscription provisioned with failed tasks should be blocked for removing until these tasks exist.
PPA-3365 Incorrect OS requirement for Apache Server Node installation
PPA-3369 PA 11.5 documentation contains links to outdated resources and incorrect product name
PPA-3384 Customer cannot install DotNetNuke v.7.0.6 on Windows service node with .Net4.5 or .Net4.6 installed.
PPA-3390 Domain backup cannot be created if databases are created on MySQL5.6 server.
PPA-3419 Failed to add MySQL 5.7 as external DB server

Plesk Automation 11.5 MU 25

PPA-68 Unneeded capacity notification if round-robin algorithm is used 
PPA-2081 There is no possibility to disable mail service for add-on domains in CCP
PPA-2326 Move subscriptions from reseller to PPA Administrator
PPA-2367 Plesk backdoor is available on Mail Server Settings screen
PPA-2375 "Kill selected sessions" is not working
PPA-2458 Allow adding new domains with the name as parent DNS zone of default nameserver in PA.
PPA-2559    statistics_collector slows at domains with a large number of content directories
PPA-2560 HostingSecurity.exe slows at domains with a large number of content directories/files
PPA-2572 PA does not update Spam Filter settings after renaming domain in CCP
PPA-2650    [DOC] Not possible to manage service templates if PA MN has been moved from RHEL 5 to RHEL 6
PPA-2725    File manager operations on IIS 8.5 node fail from time to time if libcurl uses nss SSL engine
PPA-2910 Fetch information about greylisting service is not working for remote mail service node
PPA-2920 It is possible to send emails from email alias login, and password change on primary email does not change password on email alias.
PPA-2925 Update info about configuring IP pools for OpenVZ-based service nodes that run in containers with a host-routed network configuration
PPA-3029 Invalid IIS application pool is used on additional domain with forwarding hosting after subscription renaming
PPA-3160 ppa-move-subscriptions fails to copy database content in case if there are 2 database services on a single host
PPA-3193 ppa.ip_address lots of records with old IP address remain in database.
PPA-3207 We should document WHMCS configurable options
PPA-3216 WHMCS module incorrectly gets subscription by name
PPA-3223 PA 11.5 incorrectly counts Web Presence Builder website as published even if it just was created in WPB editor.
PPA-3224 For Windows hosting latest php we have is php5.4 with openssl 0.9.8 which is EOLed already.
PPA-3291 Forwarding is cleared in SmarterMail if remove two or more addresses
PPA-3304    Callback for 'Move Product/Service' isn't implemented in WHMCS module
PPA-3325    CLONE - [OpenSRS] Password length for domains registration/transfer changed
PPA-3330    Customer cannot use tls 1.1 and 1.2 in proftpd on apache node after poodle fix from kb article.
PPA-3332    Customer cannot use tls 1.1 and 1.2 in courier on postfix node after poodle fix from kb article.
PPA-3349 Move subscriptions between Billing accounts
PPA-3421 If a subscription was stopped because of overusage, it will not be started until it's next billing date (PA Billing)
PPA-3429 sappmng removes httpdocs on failure if application is installed into the root

Plesk Automation 11.5 MU 26

PA-31 Support MySQL 5.6
PPA-2543 Unable to install Java application with enabled Java service on domain
PPA-2653    When changing IP address of a service node using ppa.ip_address utility in the end it runs update of all DNS zones existing in PA on all servers.
PPA-2710 sappmng copies files from APS-cache applications with different permissions than the original.
PPA-3055    Mail queue cannot be displayed with some symbols in email.
PPA-3162 debug and show.util_exec_io Plesk options hang migration
PPA-3232 Customer unable to create a user which has Japanese national characters in its domain part, like 'user@私の終わり.tld'.
PPA-3292 Filemanager is opened slowly with Big files
PPA-3319    [Reliability] Backupmng Lose Mysql Connection and Hangs if Some Scheduled Backup Tasks Run Simultaneously
PPA-3334    PHP version is backed up incorrectly
PPA-3136    Not all settings are updated during subsciprion move between service nodes, if custom websites location is configured on one node.
PPA-3352 Cannot view http log file of the website running on IIS via CCP > Websites> Logs. When someone access the website.
PPA-3368 ppa-move-subscriptions fails to copy databases if there is DB user with access to all databases
PPA-3371 Upgrade proftpd to 1.3.5a
PPA-3375 PBA Provider's Guide should state that resource limit in PB Service Plan should be set in KB explicitly

Plesk Automation 11.6.2

PPA-3324    CLONE - Update PA WHMCS module to support integration with WHMCS 6.x.
PPA-3344 CLONE - After the mail forwarding has been re-enabled in Customer Control Panel, it becomes not possible to change the forwarding email.
PPA-3387 WHMCS module doesn't work on PHP 5.6

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