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End customer is trying to create mailbox, but the following error is shown:

User with login user@domain.tld already exists


There are 2 possible reasons:

  1. Service user with the same is indeed used by another account

  2. It could be result of the issue POA-50697: Service user bound to DNS hosting subscription, but invisible


  1. Find which account service user with the desired login belongs to:

    plesk=> SELECT u.scope_id FROM users u LEFT OUTER JOIN auth_logins auth ON auth.identity_id = u.auth_identity_id WHERE auth.login = 'user@domain.tld';
    (1 row)

    1234567 here is an account ID. If that is another account check account subscriptions and service users. Service user with the same login cannot be used in two different accounts.

  2. If at the step 1 you found out that service user belongs to the same account, but it is not visible in Customer Control Panel, then you need to check subscription to which service user is bound:

    plesk=> select user_id from users where auth_identity_id in (select identity_id from auth_logins where login = 'user@domain.tld');
    (1 row)

    7654321 here is a user ID

    plesk=> SELECT hsu_id,user_id,sub_id FROM hs_user_bindings WHERE user_id = 7654321;
    hsu_id | user_id | sub_id
    12345 | 7654321 | 1212121 
    (1 row)

    Check if subscription 1212121 is a DNS Hosting subscription. The issue POA-50697 happens if it contains resource type DNS hosting, but does not contain any resources that can use service users (email, web-hosting or APS applications). The issue has been reported to the development team, it will be fixed in future releases of OA. Please contact your TAM/PTA to trace the status of the issue. To apply the workaround, please contact Odin Technical Support.

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