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Task to install OA package fails with error Cannot fetch FILE_NAME, for example

Task:   Install service-logparser-2.86 (pkg_id = 12345) on SERVER_NAME (host_id = 11)
Last execution output   
Destination host 'SERVER_NAME' (#12), IP '' : Internal error: Cannot fetch 'service-RHES-4-i386-logparser-2.86.tgz': 'file:///root/51.26/os/RHES/4/packages/service-RHES-4-i386-logparser-2.86.tgz: Couldn't open file /root/51.26/os/RHES/4/packages/service-RHES-4-i386-logparser-2.86.tgz

In this example is IP address of the serve where package is being installed, and is IP address of OA management node (OA core).


OA package consists of package manifest (XML based configuration file that describes package requirements and other properties) and package body (.tgz archive that contains files that should be copied to managed server during package installation). .tgz files with package bodies are stored on management node and should be accessible via HTTP at address like Error Cannot fetch FILE_NAME indicates that the managed server cannot retrieve package body from OA core via http.


  1. Make sure Apache service is running on OA core and file can be retrieved locally from OA core itself:

    service httpd status
    wget http://11.11.1111/tarballs/service-RHES-4-i386-logparser-2.86.tgz
  2. Make sure that from managed server you can open connection to port 80 of the management node:

    telnet 80

If there is firewall or network problem preventing connection - it should be fixed by network administrator.

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