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Task fails with the error:

3802 : Error invoking external utility: vzctl set CTID failed: Delete port redirection
Adding port redirection to Container(1): 8443 4643
Adding IP address(es) to pool:
vzquota : (warning) inode_soft_limit < inode_current_usage 
Setup slm memory limit
Set cpus: 0
Hostname for Container set: linweb01.domain.tld
/bin/cp: cannot create regular file `/etc/': Disk quota exceeded
ERROR: Can't copy file /etc/hosts
bash: line 386: /etc/ Disk quota exceeded
ERROR: Can't change file /etc/resolv.conf
File resolv.conf was modified
Saved parameters for Container 1005


Disk quota was exceeded in container.


  1. Check diskinodes limit in container:

    #cat /etc/vz/conf/CTID.conf : grep DISKINODES
  2. Go to Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > VPSs, select required VPS, click the Resources tab and set diskinodes parameter at QoS sub-tab to the value bigger than current limit of the container. In OA 5.4 the location of the VPSs is different: Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo manager > VPSs.

Please also refer to the Virtuozzo article My container does not start. What should I check? for details about containers' startup issues.

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