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Article ID: 128010, created on Jan 11, 2016, last review on Jan 11, 2016

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  • Operations Automation 5.5


When running the VPS conversion script, I get the following error:

# /usr/local/pem/bin/ --host-id 46 --hw-host-id 62 --gateway --backnet BackNet --frontnet FrontNet --verbose
2015-03-04 17:34:40.516 DEBUG Using database: plesk(1)
2015-03-04 17:34:42.756 ERROR Precheck error: Host (46) have following network configuration probles:
network interfaces are missing on Shared VPS:

I tried reregistering the container to see if this would help OA to recognize that there are no more venet0 interfaces but that did not help.


Host-routed network interface was removed from the container manually.


It is not needed to remove the routed network configuration from container and add bridged adapters manually. Convert script is supposed to do it. Only the following things should be done in regards to network configuration:

  1. check bridged network on the hardware node and create them if needed:

    # vznetcfg net list
    # vznetcfg net new BackNet
    # vznetcfg net new FrontNet
  2. check IP addresses and how they are bound to networks

  3. associate new networks with correct adapters using the command like:

    # vznetcfg net addif BackNet eth1

If you face the issue described above, please remove bridged adapters from the container and add host-routed adapters in the same way as they were configured before. Alternatively, if you do not know previous configuration, you may restore the clone of the container.

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