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Article ID: 127986, created on Jan 8, 2016, last review on Jan 8, 2016


Logical server cannot be removed because it has some orphan user accounts on it.


Such situations happen sometimes, because of temporary database connectivity issues or database locks.


In most cases you can resolve problem by making three queries in H-Sphere database:

select * from unix_user where hostid =<logical server id>;
select * from parent_child where child_id in (select id from unix_user where hostid =<logical server id>);
select * from parent_child where parent_id in (select id from unix_user where hostid =<logical server id>);

If the second and the third query return nothing, you can simply delete those users from unix_user:

hsphere=# DELETE from unix_user where hostid=<logical server id>;

In other cases it is better to contact Odin Technical Support to resolve such issues because it takes a lot of actions to delete all the records from the database.

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