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Article ID: 127650, created on Dec 1, 2015, last review on Dec 25, 2015

Release Notes

Fixed Issues

  • CCU-12118 change CPU autoscale limits from max-cores to current-cores

Included from KB126765 v.7:

  • CCU-11468 SQL query optimization is required for VlanAdvertisementJob

Included from KB126452 v.6:

  • CCU-11381 Notify Win VM customers on sysprep necessity on clone/image operations

Included from KB125514 v.5:

  • CCU-11099 Can't set rule upper than ve CPU frequency.

Included from KB125514 v.4:

  • CCU-10898 Backup Schedule period string is not localizable.
  • CCU-10898 Autoscale rules not delivered with HA.

Included from KB124451 v.3:

  • POA-91920 Decimal point for currency in PACI cannot be replaced by a comma.

Included from KB124923 v.2:

  • POA-92495 Decimal point for currency in PACI cannot be replaced by a comma
  • CCU-10657 Can't create windows VM if template was created using SysPrep util
  • CCU-10413 Autoscale, No callback object found for done_with_capacity
  • CCU-10410 Tasks for disabling PACI subscriptions failed with CORBA timeout

Included from KB124923 v.1:

  • CCU-10530 Limits for sliders display inapropriate values when no "local" storage types exists in all OS groups


Hotfix can be downloaded here.


Use pa_updates_installer ( to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 5.5.9 via pa_updates_installer. To install hotfix manually, obtain its distributive from the link above and follow instructions found in file UPDATE.txt of distributive.

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